SBIR/STTR P-I 2012 Solicitation - Subtopic Listing by Technology Area

Technology Area (TA) Level 1 Description Subtopic
Communication and NavigationH9.04, H9.03, H9.05, H9.01, H9.02
Entry, Descent and Landing SystemsS4.01
Ground and Launch Systems ProcessingH10.01, H2.03
Human Exploration Destination SystemsH10.02, H1.01
Human Health, Life Support and Habitation SystemsH12.05, H12.01, H12.02, H12.04, H12.03, H11.01, H4.02, H4.01, H3.03, H3.01, H3.02
In-Space Propulsion TechnologiesS3.03, H2.01, H2.02
Materials, Structures, Mechanical Systems and ManufacturingH5.02, H5.01
Modeling, Simulation, Information Technology and ProcessingS3.01, H6.02, S5.01, S5.04, S5.03, S5.05, S5.02
Robotics, Telerobotics and Autonomous SystemsS3.05, H6.01, H6.03, S4.02, S4.03
Science Instruments, Observatories & Sensor SystemsS1.06, S1.04, S1.05, S1.09, S1.07, S1.02, S1.03, S1.01, S1.08, S2.04, S2.02, S2.03, S2.01
Space Power and Energy StorageS3.04, S3.02, H8.02, H8.01, H8.03, H8.04
Thermal Management SystemsH7.01, H3.04
UnmappedA2.01, A3.07, A3.09, A3.05, A3.06, A3.08, A3.04, A3.01, A3.02, A3.03, A1.05, A1.06, A1.01, A1.03, A1.02, A1.04