SBIR/STTR P-I 2011 Solicitation - Subtopic Listing by Technology Taxonomy

You can now search the solicitation by technology areas. Subtopics have been mapped to these major areas as a cross-reference. To view the subtopic description, you can click on a subtopic number below. To view subtopic titles, click on the the view subtopic titles link next to the first level technology area.

Note:Offerors may not submit a substantially equivalent proposal to more than one subtopic (Section 3.1).

Aeronautics/Atmospheric Vehicles
AerodynamicsA1.12, A1.02, A1.09, A1.10, A2.06, A2.09, A2.07, A2.10, A2.02, A2.04, A2.05, S3.08, A4.02, A4.01, O4.01
Air Transportation & SafetyA3.01, A3.02, A1.17, A1.19, A1.12, A1.03, A1.02, A1.01, A1.11, A1.16, A1.15, A1.04, A1.08, A1.14, A1.13, A1.05, A1.09, A1.20, A5.01, S1.01, X7.02, O4.01
Airship/Lighter-than-Air CraftA3.01, S3.03, S3.07
Avionics (see also Control and Monitoring)A1.18, A1.19, A1.01, A1.04, A1.08, A1.14, A1.13, A1.20, A2.09, S1.01, S3.08, A4.02, X6.02, X4.03, X7.02, S5.06, O3.01, O3.03
Analytical Instruments (Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma, Energy; see also Sensors)A1.10, A2.06, A2.09, S1.09, S1.11, S1.08, A4.01, X3.03, S5.02, S5.06, O3.02, O2.03, S2.01
Analytical MethodsA3.02, A1.18, A1.03, A1.16, A1.14, A1.09, A1.10, A2.06, A2.09, A2.04, A4.02, X6.03, X10.01, X3.04, X3.03, S6.04, O4.03, O2.03, O2.02
Aerobraking/AerocaptureA2.06, A2.01, X9.01, X9.02, S1.01, S5.04
Entry, Descent, & Landing (see also Planetary Navigation, Tracking, & Telemetry)A2.06, A2.01, A2.04, A2.05, X9.01, X9.02, X2.02, S1.01, O1.06, O1.01, X6.02, X7.02, S5.04, S5.01, S5.06, O4.02, O4.01
Navigation & GuidanceA2.09, A2.04, S1.10, S1.01, S3.07, S3.06, S3.08, O1.03, O1.02, X6.02, S5.04, S5.01, O4.03, O4.02, O4.01, O3.01, S2.01
Relative Navigation (Interception, Docking, Formation Flying; see also Control & Monitoring; Planetary Navigation, Tracking, & Telemetry)A2.04, S1.01, S3.08, O1.06, O1.01, X6.02, X7.02, S5.04, O4.02, O4.01, O3.01, S2.01
Space Transportation & SafetyO1.06, X4.01, X7.02, O4.02, O2.01, O2.03, O2.02
Spacecraft Design, Construction, Testing, & Performance (see also Engineering; Testing & Evaluation)A2.01, A2.04, X2.02, S3.03, X4.02, X4.01, X7.02, S4.01, S5.06, O3.04, O2.04, O2.02, S2.01
Spacecraft Instrumentation & Astrionics (see also Communications; Control & Monitoring; Information Systems)S3.07, O1.03, O1.02, S4.01, O4.02, O3.05, S2.01
Tools/EVA ToolsS3.07, X4.03, X4.02, X4.01, X7.02
Autonomous Systems
Autonomous Control (see also Control & Monitoring)A3.01, A3.02, A1.18, A1.12, A1.16, A1.08, A1.14, A2.01, A2.04, A5.01, S1.01, S1.08, S3.07, S3.01, S3.08, A4.01, X6.01, X6.02, X8.03, X7.01, X1.01, S4.01, S5.04, S5.03, S5.01, O3.01, O3.03, S2.01
IntelligenceA1.18, A1.16, O1.03, X6.01, X6.03, S5.04, S2.01
Man-Machine InteractionA3.01, A3.02, A1.19, A1.16, A1.08, A1.13, A4.01, X6.01, X7.01, X7.02
Perception/VisionA1.08, A5.01, A4.01, S5.04, O3.01
Recovery (see also Vehicle Health Management)A1.18, A1.12, A1.16, A1.13, A1.06, A1.10, S3.07, A4.02, X6.01, X6.03, O3.03
Robotics (see also Control & Monitoring; Sensors)A1.10, S1.01, A4.01, X6.01, X7.01, X7.02, X1.01, S5.03, O3.01, S2.01
Biological Health/Life Support
Biomass GrowthA2.02, X3.01, O3.02, O3.03
Essential Life Resources (Oxygen, Water, Nutrients)X4.02, X8.01, X1.01, X3.01, X3.02, X3.03, O3.06, O3.02, O3.03
Fire ProtectionX3.03
Food (Preservation, Packaging, Preparation)X15.02, X3.01, O3.06, O3.02
Health Monitoring & Sensing (see also Sensors)A1.08, X12.02, X13.01, X13.02, X4.02, X7.02, X17.01, X3.03, O3.06, O3.02, O3.03, X16.01
Isolation/Protection/Radiation Shielding (see also Mechanical Systems)X11.01, X11.02, X7.02, S5.06, S5.05, O3.06, O3.02, O3.03, X16.01
MedicalX13.01, X13.02, X7.02, O3.02
Physiological/Psychological CountermeasuresX14.01, X12.02, X12.01, X4.02, X7.02, O3.02, O3.03
Protective Clothing/Space Suits/Breathing ApparatusX11.01, X4.02, X4.01, X7.02, X3.02, O3.02
Remediation/PurificationX3.02, O3.02
Waste Storage/TreatmentX1.01, X3.01, X3.02, O3.02, O3.03
Communications, Networking & Signal Transport
Ad-Hoc Networks (see also Sensors)O1.03, O1.06, O1.04, O1.02, A4.02, X4.03, S4.01, O4.02, S2.01
Amplifiers/Repeaters/TranslatorsO1.03, O1.04, O1.05, O1.02, X7.02, S5.06, O4.01
AntennasS1.06, S3.07, O1.03, O1.05, O1.01, X7.02, S5.06, O4.01
Architecture/Framework/ProtocolsA5.01, O1.03, O1.06, O1.04, O1.02, S4.01, O4.02
Cables/FittingsO1.04, X7.02, S5.06
Coding & CompressionO1.03, O1.06, O1.04, A4.02, X4.03, X7.02, O3.05
Multiplexers/DemultiplexersO1.03, O1.06, O1.04, O1.05, O1.02, A4.02, X7.02, S5.06
Network IntegrationS3.08, O1.03, O1.06, O1.04, O1.05, O1.02, S2.01
Power Combiners/SplittersO1.03, O1.04, O1.05, X4.03, X7.02, S5.06
Routers, SwitchesO1.03, O1.06, O1.04, O1.02, X7.02, S5.06
Transmitters/ReceiversS1.01, S3.08, O1.03, O1.06, O1.04, O1.05, O1.02, O1.01, X4.03, X7.02, S5.06, O4.02, O4.01
Waveguides/Optical Fiber (see also Optics)S1.01, O1.03, O1.04, O1.05, S5.06
Control & Monitoring
Algorithms/Control Software & Systems (see also Autonomous Systems)A3.01, A1.18, A1.12, A1.11, A1.16, A1.14, A1.13, A1.06, A1.10, A2.09, A2.07, A2.04, A5.01, S3.08, O1.06, O1.02, A4.02, X6.01, X6.02, X6.03, X7.02, X1.01, S5.04, S5.03, S5.01, O4.03, O4.01, O3.01, S2.01
Attitude Determination & ControlA1.12, A1.16, A1.13, A2.07, S1.10, S3.08, A4.01, S5.04, S5.01, O4.03, O4.02, O4.01, O3.01, S2.01
Command & ControlA1.16, A5.01, S3.01, S3.08, X8.03, X7.01, S5.04, O4.02, O4.01, O3.01, S2.01
Condition Monitoring (see also Sensors)A1.18, A1.17, A1.16, A1.14, A2.09, A5.01, X2.02, S3.08, A4.02, X6.03, X8.03, X7.02, S5.04, O4.02, O3.06, O3.03
Process Monitoring & ControlA1.18, A4.01, X6.03, X7.02, X1.01, X3.01, O4.02, O3.04
Sequencing & SchedulingA3.01, X6.01, X7.01, X7.02, S5.04, S2.01
Telemetry/Tracking (Cooperative/Noncooperative; see also Planetary Navigation, Tracking, & Telemetry)A5.01, S1.10, S3.08, O1.02, O1.01, A4.02, A4.01, X6.02, S5.04, O4.03, O4.02, O4.01, S2.01
TeleoperationA5.01, S3.08, X7.01, X7.02, O3.01, O2.03
Education & Training
Mission TrainingX6.03, X7.02
OutreachX11.01, X7.02, S5.06, O3.05
Training Concepts & ArchitecturesA1.11, A4.01, X7.02
Circuits (including ICs; for specific applications, see e.g., Communications, Networking & Signal Transport; Control & Monitoring, Sensors)S1.06, S1.09, S1.02, S1.11, S3.05, S3.07, S3.01, O1.03, O1.04, O1.02, O1.01, A4.02, X6.02, X4.03, X7.02, S5.06, O4.02, S2.01
Manufacturing MethodsX7.02
Materials (Insulator, Semiconductor, Substrate)A2.01, X2.02, S1.05, S1.07, S1.06, S1.11, S3.05, O1.04, X7.02, S5.06, S5.05, O3.05
Superconductance/MagneticsA2.01, S1.07, O1.03, O1.04, X7.02
ConversionA2.01, S3.03, S3.05, X8.01, X8.03, X8.04, O3.02
Distribution/ManagementA2.01, S3.05, X8.01, X8.03, O3.03
GenerationA2.01, S3.03, A4.02, X8.01, X8.03, X8.04, O3.02
Sources (Renewable, Nonrenewable)A2.02, S3.03, X8.03, X1.01, X3.02, O3.02
StorageS3.05, X8.01, X8.02, S5.05, O3.02, O3.03
CharacterizationA1.11, A1.09, A1.10, A2.04, X2.01, S3.07, X7.02, O3.02, O3.03, S2.05
Models & Simulations (see also Testing & Evaluation)A1.07, A1.11, A1.15, A1.09, A1.10, A2.09, A2.10, A2.03, A2.04, A5.01, X9.01, S3.01, O1.02, A4.02, X6.03, X10.01, X7.02, S6.01, S6.04, S6.05, S5.04, O4.03, O3.04, O2.03, O2.04, S2.01
Project ManagementX7.02, S6.04
PrototypingA1.15, X7.02, X3.01, O3.01, O2.01, O2.04, O2.02, S2.01
Quality/ReliabilityS3.01, X7.02, S6.05, O3.04, O3.03, O2.04, S2.05
Software Tools (Analysis, Design)A1.11, A1.09, A2.06, A2.03, A2.08, A2.04, X2.01, S1.06, S3.01, O1.02, A4.02, X6.03, X7.02, S6.04, S6.05, O4.03, S2.01
SupportX7.02, S6.05, S5.06, O3.04, O3.03, O2.03
3D ImagingS1.01, A4.01, O3.02
DisplayA5.01, A4.01, X4.03, O3.01, O3.02, S2.01
Image AnalysisA2.09, A4.01, X15.01, S5.03, O3.02
Image Capture (Stills/Motion)A2.09, A4.01, X4.03, X7.02, S5.03, O3.05
Image ProcessingA2.09, S1.01, A4.01, X15.01, X4.03, X7.02, S5.03, O3.02
Thermal Imaging (see also Testing & Evaluation)A2.06, A4.01, O3.02, O3.04
Information Systems
Computer System ArchitecturesS1.10, S3.01, O1.06, X7.02, S6.01, S2.01
Data Acquisition (see also Sensors)A3.01, A2.09, A2.03, S1.08, S3.08, O1.06, A4.02, X6.03, X7.02, S2.01
Data FusionA1.17, A1.16, A1.08, A1.14, A1.09, X11.02, S1.06, O1.02, A4.02, A4.01, X6.03, X7.02, S6.02, O4.03, S2.01
Data Input/Output Devices (Displays, Storage)A3.01, A1.08, A4.02, A4.01, X7.02, O3.01, O3.05
Data Modeling (see also Testing & Evaluation)A3.01, A1.16, A1.08, A1.09, A2.04, A5.01, X11.02, S1.06, A4.02, X6.03, X7.02, S6.03, S2.01
Data ProcessingA5.01, S1.06, S3.01, A4.02, X7.02, S6.01, S6.03, S6.02, S2.01
Knowledge ManagementA3.01, A1.18, A1.17, A1.16, A1.09, A4.01, X6.01, X6.03, X7.02, S6.02, S2.01
Inventory Management/WarehousingO3.01, O3.06, O3.02
Material Handing & PackagingS5.06, O3.06, O3.02, O3.04
Transport/Traffic ControlO3.06, O3.02
Crop Production (see also Biological Health/Life Support)X3.01, O3.02
In Situ ManufacturingX11.01, X7.02, X1.01, X3.02, O3.04, O2.03, S2.05
Microfabrication (and smaller; see also Electronics; Mechanical Systems; Photonics)A2.01, S1.05, A4.01, X7.02, O3.02
Processing MethodsA2.01, X9.01, X5.02, X2.01, S1.05, X7.02, X1.01, S5.06, O3.06, O3.04, O3.05, O2.03, O2.04, O2.02
Resource ExtractionX1.01, X3.01, X3.02
Materials & Compositions
AerogelsA2.01, X9.01, X2.02, X11.01, S1.11, X10.01, X4.01, O3.04
CeramicsA2.09, A2.01, X9.01, X9.02, X2.02, X11.01, O1.05, X4.01, O3.04, O2.04, S2.03
Coatings/Surface TreatmentsA2.09, A2.01, X9.01, X2.02, S3.07, A4.01, X10.01, X4.01, X8.03, X7.02, S5.06, O3.04, O3.03, O2.04, O2.02
CompositesA1.05, A2.09, A2.01, A2.03, A2.04, X9.01, X9.02, X5.02, X2.02, X11.01, S1.07, O1.05, X8.03, X7.02, S5.06, O3.04, O2.04, S2.05, S2.03
FluidsS1.07, A4.01, X4.02, O3.04, O2.03
Joining (Adhesion, Welding)A1.05, A2.01, X5.02, X2.02, X7.02, S5.06, O3.04, O2.04
MetallicsA1.03, A1.05, A2.09, A2.01, A2.03, A2.04, X5.02, X2.02, X11.01, X4.02, X4.01, O2.04, O2.02
NanomaterialsA2.01, X9.01, X9.02, X2.02, X11.01, S1.11, O1.05, A4.01, X4.02, X7.02, X3.03, O2.04, O2.02
NonspecifiedS1.06, O3.04, O2.04
Organics/Biomaterials/HybridsA2.01, S1.11, X3.03, S5.06, O3.04
PolymersA2.01, X9.01, X9.02, X5.02, X2.02, X11.01, S3.07, X4.01, S5.06, O3.04, O2.04
Smart/Multifunctional MaterialsA2.01, A2.03, A2.04, X9.01, X9.02, X2.02, X11.01, O1.05, O1.01, X4.02, X4.01, O3.04, O2.04, S2.03
TextilesA2.01, X9.01, X5.01, X11.01, S3.07, X4.01, X3.02, S5.06, S5.05
Mechanical Systems
Actuators & MotorsA1.11, A1.15, A1.10, A2.07, A2.01, X2.02, A4.02, A4.01, X12.01, X4.02, X8.03, X7.02, X1.01, S5.02, S5.03, S5.06, O3.01, O3.04, O3.03
DeploymentX9.01, X5.01, S1.06, X8.03, X7.02, S5.02, S5.03, O3.02, O3.04, O2.02, S2.03
Exciters/IgnitersX2.02, X7.02, S5.06, O2.02
Fasteners/DecouplersA2.01, X7.02, S5.03, S5.06, O3.04, O2.02
Isolation/Protection/Shielding (Acoustic, Ballistic, Dust, Radiation, Thermal)A2.03, X9.01, X9.02, X11.01, S1.07, S1.11, X4.02, X4.01, X7.02, X3.04, S5.06, O3.02, O3.04
Machines/Mechanical SubsystemsA2.09, X2.02, X4.01, X7.02, S5.02, O3.04, O3.03, O2.03
Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) and smallerA2.03, X2.02, S1.11, A4.02, A4.01, X4.02, X7.02, X3.03, O4.01, O3.02
Pressure & Vacuum SystemsA4.01, X12.01, X4.02, X4.01, X7.02, O3.02, O3.04, O2.03, O2.04, O2.02
StructuresA1.15, A2.09, A2.01, A2.03, A2.04, X5.02, X5.01, X2.02, X11.01, S1.07, A4.02, X4.02, X7.02, O3.04, O3.03, O2.03, S2.03
TribologyA2.01, S1.11, A4.02, O3.04, O2.03
Vehicles (see also Autonomous Systems)A1.18, A1.15, A2.09, A2.03, A2.04, X2.02, S3.08, X7.02, S5.03, S5.06, O3.01, O2.02
Biophysical UtilizationX3.01, O3.06, O3.02
Adaptive OpticsO1.04, A4.01, S2.01, S2.03, S2.02
Fiber (see also Communications, Networking & Signal Transport; Photonics)A2.07, S1.01, O1.04, A4.01, X8.03
FilteringS1.01, O1.04, A4.01, O3.05, S2.01, S2.02
GratingsS1.06, S1.01, O1.04, A4.01
LensesS1.01, O1.04, A4.01, X7.02, S2.05, S2.04
MirrorsS1.10, S1.01, O1.04, A4.01, X7.02, S2.05, S2.04, S2.02
Telescope ArraysO1.04, A4.01, S2.05, S2.01, S2.02
Detectors (see also Sensors)A1.01, A1.04, S1.05, S1.09, S1.04, S1.11, S1.01, S1.08, S3.07, O1.04, A4.02, A4.01, X7.02, O3.02, O3.05, O3.03, S2.01, S2.02
Lasers (Communication)O1.03, O1.04, O1.01
Lasers (Cutting & Welding)S1.01
Lasers (Guidance & Tracking)S1.01, O1.04, O4.02
Lasers (Ladar/Lidar)A1.01, A1.04, A2.07, S1.01, O1.04, A4.01
Lasers (Machining/Materials Processing)A4.01
Lasers (Measuring/Sensing)A1.01, A1.04, S1.09, S1.11, S1.01, O1.04, X7.02, O3.02, S2.02
Lasers (Medical Imaging)X7.02
Materials & Structures (including Optoelectronics)A2.04, S1.05, S1.06, S1.11, S3.07, O1.04, A4.01, X7.02, O3.02
Planetary Navigation, Tracking, & Telemetry
Entry, Descent, & Landing (see also Astronautics)A2.01, A2.04, S1.02, S1.01, S3.07, O1.03, O1.06, O1.02, X6.02, S5.04, S5.01, O4.03
GPS/Radiometric (see also Sensors)A5.01, O1.03, O1.06, O1.02, O4.03, O4.01
Inertial (see also Sensors)S1.10, O1.03, S5.04, S5.01, O4.03, O4.02, S2.01
OpticalO1.03, S5.01, O4.03
Ranging/TrackingA5.01, S1.01, O1.03, O1.06, O1.02, O1.01, S5.04, O4.03, O4.01, S2.01
Telemetry (see also Control & Monitoring)A5.01, O1.06, O1.01, O4.01, S2.01
Ablative PropulsionA2.01, X2.02, X2.01, O3.02, O2.02
Atmospheric PropulsionA1.02, A1.15, A2.07, A2.10, A2.03, A2.04, X2.02, S3.07, O3.02
Extravehicular Activity (EVA) PropulsionO3.02
Fuels/PropellantsA2.02, X2.02, X2.01, S3.04, X1.01, X3.02, S5.04, O3.02, O3.04, O2.03, O2.05, O2.02
Launch Engine/BoosterA2.03, X2.01, O2.01, O2.02
Maneuvering/Stationkeeping/Attitude Control DevicesX2.03, X2.02, S3.04, S5.04, O3.01, S2.01
Photon Sails (Solar; Laser)S3.07
Spacecraft Main EngineA2.01, X2.03, X2.02, X2.01, S3.04, S5.04, O2.02
Surface PropulsionX2.02, S5.03, O3.01, O2.05
TethersX11.01, S5.03
Acoustic/VibrationA1.06, A2.09, A2.07, A2.03, X5.03, A4.02, A4.01, X7.02, O3.04, O3.03, O2.05
Biological (see also Biological Health/Life Support)S1.09, S1.08, X4.02, X7.02, X3.01, X3.03, S5.06, O3.06, O3.02
Biological Signature (i.e., Signs Of Life)S1.09, X7.02, S5.06, O3.02
Chemical/Environmental (see also Biological Health/Life Support)A2.01, X2.02, S1.09, S1.08, X4.02, X7.02, X1.01, X3.03, O3.02, O3.04, O3.03
Contact/MechanicalA1.15, X9.01, X5.03, S3.07, S3.08, A4.02, A4.01, X7.02, S5.04, O3.02, O3.04, O2.05
ElectromagneticA1.02, A1.01, A1.04, X5.03, S1.06, S1.02, S1.08, S1.03, S3.07, A4.01, X7.02, S5.04
InertialA1.14, A4.02, X7.02, S5.04, S5.01, S2.01
Interferometric (see also Analysis)A1.01, A1.04, S1.06, S3.07, A4.01, X7.02, O3.02, S2.01
Ionizing RadiationX5.03, X2.02, X11.01, S1.05, A4.01, X8.03, X7.02, S5.06, O3.05, X16.01
Optical/Photonic (see also Photonics)A1.02, A1.01, A1.04, A2.07, X9.01, S1.05, S1.06, S1.09, S1.04, S1.01, S1.08, O1.03, A4.02, A4.01, X7.02, S5.01, O3.02, O3.04, O3.05
Positioning (Attitude Determination, Location X-Y-Z)A1.14, A2.07, X5.03, S1.10, S1.01, A4.02, A4.01, X7.02, S5.04, S5.01, O4.02, O4.01, O3.02, S2.01
Pressure/VacuumA1.06, A2.07, X9.01, X9.02, X5.03, X2.02, S3.07, A4.02, A4.01, X7.02, X1.01, O3.02, O3.04, O3.03, O2.03, O2.05
RadiometricA1.02, A1.01, A1.04, A2.07, S1.08, S1.03, X7.02, S5.01
Sensor Nodes & Webs (see also Communications, Networking & Signal Transport)A1.06, A2.04, X9.01, X9.02, X5.03, S1.08, S3.07, O1.03, O1.02, A4.02, A4.01, X7.02, X3.03, O4.02, S2.01
ThermalA1.02, A2.01, X9.01, X9.02, X5.03, X2.02, S1.07, S1.04, S3.07, S3.08, A4.02, A4.01, X8.03, X7.02, X1.01, X3.04, S5.01, O3.02, O2.05
Software Development
Development EnvironmentsS3.01, O1.06, X7.02, S6.01, S6.03
Operating SystemsA1.10, O1.06, X7.02, S6.05
Programming LanguagesO1.06, X7.02
Verification/Validation ToolsA1.18, A1.19, A1.06, A1.10, A1.20, A2.04, A2.05, A5.01, X11.02, S3.01, O1.06, A4.02, X7.02, S6.04, S6.05, O4.03, S2.01
Spectral Measurement, Imaging & Analysis (including Telescopes)
InfraredA2.06, X5.03, S1.11, A4.01, X7.02, S2.01
LongX5.03, S1.11, A4.01
MicrowaveX5.03, S1.11, S1.03, O1.03, O1.05, A4.01
Multispectral/HyperspectralX5.03, S1.11, S1.08, O1.05, A4.01, O3.02, S2.01
Non-ElectromagneticX5.03, S1.11, A4.01
RadioX5.03, S1.03, O1.03, O1.05, S2.01
Terahertz (Sub-millimeter)X5.03, S1.11, S1.03, A4.01, S2.01
UltravioletA2.06, X5.03, S1.05, S1.06, S1.11
VisibleA2.06, X5.03, S1.05, S1.06, S1.11, S1.08, A4.01, O3.05
X-rays/Gamma RaysX5.03, S1.05, S1.11
Testing & Evaluation
Destructive TestingA1.03, A2.09, A2.01, X9.01, X9.02, X5.02, X5.03, O2.03
Hardware-in-the-Loop TestingA1.18, A1.07, A1.11, A1.15, A2.09, A5.01, A4.02, A4.01, X8.03, X7.02, X1.01, O3.04, O2.03
Lifetime TestingA2.01, X9.01, X9.02, X5.03, X2.02, O3.04, O3.05, O3.03, O2.03, O2.04
Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE; NDT)A1.07, A1.02, A1.05, A2.09, A2.01, X9.01, X9.02, X5.03, X2.02, S3.07, A4.02, X7.02, O3.04, O3.03, O2.03, O2.04, O2.02, S2.05
Simulation & ModelingA3.01, A1.18, A1.07, A1.11, A1.06, A1.09, A1.10, A1.20, A2.06, A2.09, A2.10, A2.03, A2.08, A2.04, A5.01, X9.01, X5.02, X5.03, X2.02, X11.02, S3.01, A4.02, A4.01, X7.02, X1.01, S6.04, S6.05, O4.03, O3.03, O2.03, O2.04, S2.01
Thermal Management & Control
Active SystemsS3.03, S3.07, S3.02, S3.08, A4.01, X10.01, X4.01, X8.03, X7.02, O3.02, O3.04, O3.03, O2.02, S2.01
Cryogenic/Fluid SystemsX2.02, S1.07, A4.01, X10.01, X7.02, O3.02, O3.04, O2.03, O2.04, O2.05, O2.02
Heat ExchangeX2.02, S1.07, S3.03, S3.07, S3.02, S3.08, A4.01, X10.01, X4.01, X8.03, X7.02, X1.01, O3.02
Passive SystemsX2.02, S3.03, S3.02, S3.08, X10.01, X4.01, X7.02, O3.04, O3.03, S2.01
Vehicle Health Management
Diagnostics/PrognosticsA1.18, A1.07, A1.17, A1.02, A1.16, A1.14, A1.06, A1.05, A1.10, A2.09, A2.01, X5.03, X2.02, S3.07, S3.08, A4.02, A4.01, X6.03, S6.05, S5.04, O3.01, O3.03, O2.02, S2.01
Recovery (see also Autonomous Systems)A1.12, A1.16, A1.14, A1.13, A1.06, A1.10, A2.01, X5.03, S3.07, A4.01, X6.03, S5.04, O3.03, O2.02, S2.01