SBIR/STTR 2006 Solicitation - Subtopic Listing by Technology Taxonomy

You can now search the solicitation by technology areas. Subtopics have been mapped to these major areas as a cross-reference. To view the subtopic description, you can click on a subtopic number below. To view subtopic titles, click on the the view subtopic titles link next to the first level technology area.

Note:Offerors may not submit a substantially equivalent proposal to more than one subtopic (Section 3.1).

Avionics and Astrionics
Airport Infrastructure and SafetyA3.01, A3.02, A1.01, A1.04, A1.05, A1.06, A2.08, S6.02, O2.01
Attitude Determination and ControlA1.02, S3.01, S7.01, O1.10, O1.07
Guidance, Navigation, and ControlA3.01, A3.02, A1.01, A1.02, A1.06, A2.10, X2.04, X7.03, S6.02, S4.06, S1.03, S7.01, O1.05, O1.10, O1.07, O1.02, O2.03
On-Board Computing and Data ManagementA3.01, A3.02, A1.02, A1.05, A1.07, A1.06, A2.08, X2.02, X2.01, X2.04, X7.03, S2.02, S1.03, S7.02, O1.05, O1.10, O1.07, O1.03
Pilot Support SystemsA3.01, A3.02, A1.01, A1.04, A1.05, A1.06, X12.02, X2.02
Spaceport Infrastructure and SafetyX12.02, O1.03, O2.01, O2.03, S8.04
Telemetry, Tracking and ControlA1.07, A2.08, X2.02, X7.03, S6.03, S1.03, S7.02, O1.05, O1.10, O1.04, O1.07, O1.03, O1.01, O1.06, O1.09, O2.01, O2.03
Air Revitalization and ConditioningX3.03, X3.01
Biomass Production and StorageX3.03
Biomedical and Life SupportX12.01, X13.01, X3.03, X3.02, X3.01, X14.01, X14.02
Biomolecular SensorsX13.01, X3.03, X14.01, S6.02
Sterilization/Pathogen and Microbial ControlX12.01, X3.03, X3.02, X3.01
Waste Processing and ReclamationX12.01, X3.03, X3.02, X3.01
Architectures and NetworksA1.07, A2.08, X2.01, X7.03, O1.05, O1.10, O1.04, O1.07, O1.01, O1.08, O1.06, O1.09, O2.03, S8.02
Autonomous Control and MonitoringA3.01, A3.02, A1.01, A1.07, A1.06, A2.08, X2.02, X2.01, X3.03, X7.03, X7.02, S2.05, O1.05, O1.10, O1.07, O1.01, O1.06, O2.03, S8.02, S8.01
LaserS6.02, S7.01, O1.10, O1.07, O1.01, O1.08, O2.03
RFX2.04, S2.02, S2.05, S2.04, O1.05, O1.10, O1.04, O1.07, O1.01, O1.06, O1.09, O2.03
Fluid Storage and HandlingX6.02, X9.01, S4.03, O2.02
InstrumentationA4.01, X9.01, S6.01, O2.02
General Public OutreachS5.02, S8.04
K-12 OutreachS5.02, S8.04
Mission TrainingS5.02
Highly-ReconfigurableA1.07, A2.08, S3.02, S7.02, S7.05, O1.05, O1.10, O1.04, O1.07, O1.06, O1.09, O2.03, O2.02
PhotonicsS3.02, S6.02, S4.02, S5.01, S1.03, O1.10, O1.07
Radiation-Hard/Resistant ElectronicsA1.07, X2.04, X9.04, S4.02, S5.02, S5.01, S2.02, S7.02, O1.05, O1.10, O1.07, O1.01, O1.09
Ultra-High Density/Low PowerX2.04, X3.03, S4.02, S5.02, S5.01, S2.02, S7.05, O1.05, O1.10, O1.07, O1.06, O2.03
Extravehicular Activity
Manned-Manuvering UnitsX5.01, X9.03, O1.06
Portable Life SupportX3.03, X3.01, X5.01
SuitsX3.01, X14.02, X5.01, X6.01, O1.06
Autonomous Reasoning/Artificial IntelligenceA3.01, A3.02, A1.01, A1.02, A1.05, A1.07, A1.06, A2.08, A2.10, X2.02, X2.01, X7.02, O1.05, O1.10, O1.07, O1.11, O2.03, S8.01
Computer System ArchitecturesA1.07, A4.01, X2.02, X2.03, S7.02, O1.05, O1.10, O1.07, S8.02, S8.01
Data Acquisition and End-to-End-ManagementA1.01, A1.07, A2.08, A4.01, X2.01, O1.05, O1.10, O2.03, O2.02, S8.02, S8.03, S8.01
Data Input/Output DevicesA2.08, A4.01, O1.05, O1.10, O1.07, O2.02, S8.02
Database Development and InterfacingA1.01, A1.07, A2.10, O1.05, S8.05, S8.04
Expert SystemsA3.01, A3.02, A1.04, A1.07, A1.06, A4.02, X2.02, X2.01, X7.02, O1.05, O1.10, O1.07, O1.11, S8.01
Human-Computer InterfacesA3.01, A3.02, A1.01, A1.05, A1.07, A1.06, A2.08, A2.10, X12.02, X2.02, X7.03, X7.02, O1.05, O1.10, O1.11, S8.02
Portable Data Acquisition or Analysis ToolsA1.01, A1.05, A1.06, A2.08, A2.10, X13.01, A4.01, X2.01, O1.05, O1.10
Software Development EnvironmentsA1.05, A1.07, A2.09, X2.03, S4.05, O1.05, S8.02, S8.05, S8.04
Software Tools for Distributed Analysis and SimulationA3.01, A3.02, A1.01, A1.07, A1.06, A2.09, A2.08, A2.10, O1.05, O1.10, O1.07, X1.01, X1.02, S8.02, S8.03, S8.04
Earth-Supplied Resource UtilizationX6.01, X7.01
In-situ Resource UtilizationX3.03, X3.02, X3.01, X6.01, X4.02, X4.01, X4.03, X7.01, X9.01
MicrogravityX7.01, X9.01
CeramicsA1.03, A2.08, A2.01, A2.03, X5.01, X6.01, X6.02, X6.03, S2.02
CompositesA1.03, A2.08, A2.01, A2.04, A2.10, A2.03, X5.01, X6.01, X6.02, X6.03, S4.04, S2.02
Computational MaterialsA1.03, A2.08, A2.01, A2.04, A2.10, A2.03, X2.04, X6.01, X6.02
MetallicsA1.03, A2.08, A2.01, A2.04, A2.10, A2.03, X5.01, X6.01, X6.02, X6.03, X7.01, S4.04
Multifunctional/Smart MaterialsA2.01, A2.10, A2.03, X12.02, X5.01, X6.01, X6.02, X6.03, S4.04
Optical & Photonic MaterialsS3.02, S3.04, S6.02, S6.01, S4.04
Organics/Bio-MaterialsX5.01, X6.01, X6.02, X6.03
Radiation Shielding MaterialsX6.01, X6.02, X6.03, X9.04
Semi-Conductors/Solid State Device MaterialsA2.08, X2.04, S6.01, S2.02, S2.05, O1.07
Superconductors and MagneticA2.08, O1.07
TribologyA2.01, A2.10, X5.01, X6.01, X6.02
Liquid-Liquid InterfacesX3.02, X3.01
Power and Energy
Biochemical ConversionX5.01
Energy StorageA2.08, X8.03, X11.01, X5.01, S2.02
Nuclear ConversionX8.02, S2.03
Photovoltaic ConversionS2.03
Power Management and DistributionA2.08, X8.01, X8.02, X2.02, X5.01, S7.05
Renewable EnergyA2.08
Thermodynamic ConversionX8.02, X9.02, S2.03
Thermoelectric ConversionS2.03
Aircraft EnginesA1.04, A1.03, A1.02, A1.07, A2.01, A2.02, A2.04, A2.10, A2.03, A4.01, A4.02
ChemicalA2.02, A2.06, X9.03, X9.02, O2.02
Electromagnetic ThrustersS7.03
Electrostatic ThrustersS7.03
Feed System ComponentsX9.03, X9.04, S7.03
Fundamental Propulsion PhysicsA2.08, A2.07, A2.02, A2.10, A2.06, A2.03, X9.03, X9.04
High Energy Propellants (Recombinant Energy & Metallic Hydrogen)X9.01
Launch Assist (Electromagnetic, Hot Gas and Pneumatic)A2.08, X9.03
Micro ThrustersX5.01, X9.03, S3.01, S7.03
MonopropellantsX9.03, S7.04
Nuclear (Adv Fission, Fusion, Anti-Matter, Exotic Nuclear)X9.04
Propellant StorageX5.01, X9.04, S7.03, S7.04, O2.02
SolarA2.08, S7.04
Human-Robotic InterfacesA2.08, X12.02, X2.02, X5.01, X7.03, X7.02, S7.04, S8.01
Integrated Robotic Concepts and SystemsX2.02, X5.01, X7.03, X7.02, S1.02, S1.01, S8.01
IntelligenceA2.08, X2.02, X5.01, X7.03, X7.02, S8.01
ManipulationX5.01, X7.03, S1.02, S1.01, S8.01
MobilityA2.08, X5.01, X7.03, S1.01, S8.01
Perception/SensingX2.02, X5.01, X7.03, S6.02, S2.01, S1.03, S1.02, S1.01, S7.01
TeleoperationA2.08, X12.02, X2.02, X5.01, X7.03, X7.02
Sensors and Sources
BiochemicalX14.01, S6.02, S6.03, S2.01, O2.03
High-EnergyS6.02, S4.02
Large Antennas and TelescopesS3.03, S3.02, S3.04, S7.01, O1.10, O1.04
Microwave/SubmillimeterA1.04, S3.03, S3.04, S6.04, S6.05, S4.02, S4.01, S2.05, O1.10, O1.07, O2.03
OpticalA1.04, X14.01, S3.03, S3.02, S3.04, S6.02, S6.01, S4.02, S2.01, S1.03, S1.01, S7.01, O1.10, O1.07, O2.03
Particle and FieldsX13.01, S5.02, S5.01
Sensor Webs/Distributed SensorsA1.07, A2.08, A2.07, X5.01, X6.02, S6.03, S5.01, S2.04, S1.03, O1.05, O1.10, O2.03, S8.01
Substrate Transfer TechnologyS2.05
AirframeA1.04, A1.03, A1.02, A1.07, A2.08, A2.01, A2.04, A2.10, A2.05, A2.03, A4.01, A4.02, X6.01, X6.02
Airlocks/Environmental InterfacesX3.01, X6.01
Controls-Structures Interaction (CSI)A1.02, A1.07, A2.08, A2.07, A2.01, A2.04, A2.10, X6.02, S3.03, S3.02, S7.01
ErectableX5.01, X6.01, X6.02, S3.03
InflatableA2.08, X3.01, X5.01, X6.01, X6.02, S3.03, S4.06
Kinematic-DeployableA2.08, X5.01, X6.01, S3.03
Launch and Flight VehicleA1.03, A2.01, X6.01
Modular InterconnectsA2.01, A4.01, X5.01, X7.03, S3.03
Structural Modeling and ToolsA1.03, A1.02, A1.07, A2.09, A2.08, A2.01, A2.04, A2.10, X5.01, X6.02, S3.03, S3.02, O2.02
TankageA2.01, X5.01
AblativesA2.08, A2.06, X10.01, X6.03
Control InstrumentationA4.01, X2.02, X9.01, X9.04, S2.03, S1.03, S7.06
CoolingA2.08, A2.06, X11.01, X3.02, X3.01, X5.01, X9.01, S4.03, S7.06
ReuseableA2.08, A2.06, X6.01, X6.02
Thermal Insulating MaterialsA2.01, X11.01, X5.01, X6.01, X6.02, X6.03, X9.01, S2.02, S7.04, O2.02
Verification and Validation
Operations Concepts and RequirementsA3.01, A3.02, A1.01, A1.02, A1.05, A1.06, A2.08, A2.07, A4.01, A4.02, X2.02, X7.03, X7.02, X9.01, S6.03, O1.05, S8.04
Simulation Modeling EnvironmentA3.01, A3.02, A1.01, A1.02, A1.07, A2.09, A2.08, A2.07, A2.02, A2.10, A2.06, A2.05, X11.01, A4.02, X6.01, O1.05, O2.02, X1.01, X1.02, S8.02, S8.04
Testing FacilitiesA1.04, A1.03, A1.07, A2.04, A2.10, A2.05, X13.01, A4.01, A4.02, X2.03, X3.02, X3.01, X6.01, X9.01, X9.03, O2.02
Testing Requirements and ArchitecturesA3.01, A3.02, A1.02, A1.07, A2.07, A2.04, A2.10, X8.02, A4.01, A4.02, X2.03, X6.01, X7.03, X7.02, O1.05
Training Concepts and ArchitecturesA3.01, A3.02, A1.01, A1.07, A1.06