ISS Universal Battery Charger (UBC)

ISS Universal Battery Charger (UBC)

Post Date May 06, 2016
Firm Name Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation
State Massachusetts
Program SBIR
Mission Directorate Human Exploration and Operations
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From camcorders and digital cameras, to science experiments, to drills, the International Space Station is home to a handful of tech gadgets and power tools that constantly need to be charged. Just like on Earth, all of these things require their own dedicated chargers. While the obvious inconvenience of lugging dozens of various adapters to space might seem like reason enough to invest in a universal battery charger, the driving force is actually the cost. The estimated total to launch 1 kg (a little over 2 pounds) of equipment into orbit is over $10,000. Although the newer launch vehicles may drive that figure down, it will still cost thousands of dollars to send equipment into space – necessitating a simpler, cost-effective system for use on the ISS.


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