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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
03.05-8100 (SBIR 1990-1)
Non-Intrusive Boundary Layer Transition Frequency Detector
Aptek Inc
Eugene Fitzgerald,
$49,000.00 CO N/A ARC 1990
13.03-0070A (SBIR 1990-1)
Lightning Assessment Methodology for NASA Application
Electromagnetic Applications
Rodney Perala,
$49,962.00 CO N/A KSC 1990
12.07-7972 (SBIR 1990-1)
Solid-State Oxygen-Storage Intermetallic And Alloy Development
Hydrogen Consultants Inc
Franklin Lynch,
$48,560.00 CO N/A JSC 1990
05.09-0718 (SBIR 1990-1)
Centerline Imaging Module Grasping End Effectors
Olis Engineering
Nancy Lord,
$45,004.00 CO N/A MSFC 1990
04.05-8166 (SBIR 1990-1)
New Machine Architecture For Structural Analysis
Space Tech Co
Sandra Andrews,
$49,873.00 CO N/A GRC 1990
04.08-1933 (SBIR 1990-1)
Low Flow Arc Head Vacuum Welding
Electric Propulsion Laboratory Inc
Martha Aston,
$48,518.00 CO N/A MSFC 1990
01.02-0875 (SBIR 1990-1)
Compact Gas Turbine Engine With Effective Turbine Blade Cooling
Fluidtherm Engineering
W. Gene Steward,
$42,400.00 CO N/A GRC 1990
08.03-0490 (SBIR 1990-1)
An Airborne-Particle, Imaging Nephelometer for Measuring Optical Phase Function
R. Paul Lawson,
$49,455.00 CO N/A LaRC 1990
12.07-7830 (SBIR 1990-1)
Integrated Humidity, Carbon Dioxide And Thermal Control In An Emu Gas Stream
TDA Research, Inc.
Michael Karpuk,
$50,000.00 CO N/A ARC 1990
04.11-8166 (SBIR 1990-1)
Automated Nde Scanner For Cracks
Space Tech Co
Sandra Andrews,
$50,000.00 CO N/A GSFC 1990
Displaying 1-10 of 15