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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
T11.02-9988 (STTR 2015-1)
Virtual World Editor
Tietronix Software, Inc.
Victor Tang,
$120,243.00 TX Small Business Technology Transfer JPL 2015
T11.01-9943 (STTR 2015-1)
Adaptive Resource Estimation and Visualization for Planning Robotic Missions
TRACLabs, Inc.
David Kortenkamp,
$124,937.00 TX Small Business Technology Transfer ARC 2015
S3.09-9956 (SBIR 2015-1)
Radiation Hardened ARM Micro Controller Module
Silicon Space Technology Corporation
Garry Nash,
$124,808.00 TX Science GSFC 2015
S1.01-9731 (SBIR 2015-1)
Integrated Miniature DBR Laser Module for Lidar Instruments
Photodigm, Inc.
Karen Goodwin,
$124,780.00 TX Science LaRC 2015
H3.01-9305 (SBIR 2015-1)
Reagent Regenerative Microgravity Compatible Inorganic Ion Analyzer
Lynntech, Inc.
Darla Hisaw,
$125,000.00 TX Human Exploration and Operations JPL 2015
H1.01-9186 (SBIR 2015-1)
Task-Specific Asteroid Simulants for Ground Testing
Deep Space Industries, Inc.
David Gump,
$124,508.00 TX Human Exploration and Operations JSC 2015
S2.03-9125 (SBIR 2015-1)
Additive Manufactured Very Light Weight Diamond Turned Aspheric Mirror
Dallas Optical Systems, Inc.
John Casstevens,
$124,887.00 TX Science MSFC 2015
Z1.02-9037 (SBIR 2015-1)
Development of HighEfficiency Thermionic Power Generator
Nanohmics, Inc.
Steve Savoy,
$129,123.00 TX Space Technology JPL 2015
A1.08-9032 (SBIR 2015-1)
Plenoptic Flow Imaging for Ground Testing
Nanohmics, Inc.
Steve Savoy,
$129,989.00 TX Aeronautics Research LaRC 2015
S3.04-9526 (SBIR 2015-1)
Miniature UAV Wind LIDAR & Flight Extension System
Systems & Processes Engineering Corporation
Joseph Priest,
$125,000.00 TX Science GSFC 2015
Displaying 1-10 of 26