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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
T3.01-9927 (STTR 2014-1)
Heat Harvesting by Artificial Muscles
Lynntech, Inc.
Lauren Bouse,
$125,000.00 TX Small Business Technology Transfer SSC 2014
T5.01-9895 (STTR 2014-1)
Low Cost Flexible Graphene-Based Digital Beam Forming Phased-Array Antennas
Omega Optics, Inc.
Gloria Chen,
$124,995.00 TX Small Business Technology Transfer GRC 2014
Z20.01-8655 (SBIR Select 2014-1)
Deployable Solar Energy Generators for Deep Space Cubesats
Nanohmics, Inc.
Michael Mayo,
$124,997.00 TX Space Technology ARC 2014
S20.02-8519 (SBIR Select 2014-1)
Improved Hyperspectral Imaging Technologies
Nanohmics, Inc.
Michael Mayo,
$124,905.00 TX Science GSFC 2014
H3.04-9932 (SBIR 2014-1)
Organoselenium Surface Modification of Stainless Steel Surfaces To Prevent Biofouling in Treatment of Space Wastestreams
Selenium, Ltd.
Dawn Boos,
$54,581.01 TX Human Exploration and Operations JSC 2014
S5.05-9840 (SBIR 2014-1)
Model-Based Fault Management Engineering Tool Suite
Tietronix Software, Inc.
Victor Tang,
$99,948.00 TX Science JPL 2014
S1.03-9619 (SBIR 2014-1)
Large Format LW Type-II SLS FPAs for Space Applications
IntelliEPI IR, Inc.
Yung-Chung Kao,
$125,000.00 TX Science JPL 2014
H6.01-9606 (SBIR 2014-1)
Operationally Responsive Spacecraft Subsystem
Saber Astronautics, LLC
Timothy Meehan,
$121,431.00 TX Human Exploration and Operations ARC 2014
Z1.01-9585 (SBIR 2014-1)
>1,000 W/kg Rad-Hard, High-Voltage PV Blanket at < $50/W IMM Cell Cost
Mark O'Neill, LLC
$124,832.00 TX Space Technology GRC 2014
S4.04-9475 (SBIR 2014-1)
Low Power Nonvolatile Memory for Extreme Environments
Glenn Mortland,
$124,995.00 TX Science JPL 2014
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