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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
S4.04-7334 (SBIR 2003-1)
Sealed CylindrIcal Silver Metal Hydride Batteries
Brendan Coffey,
$69,964.00 TX N/A JSC 2003
F6.01-7128 (SBIR 2003-1)
Workflow Based Software Development Environment
Tietronix Software, Inc.
Victor Tang,
$69,957.06 TX N/A JSC 2003
E4.03-7251 (SBIR 2003-1)
MOIDSS?- Mobile Online Intelligent Decision Support System
Geospatial Research Innovation Design
Cynthia Lyle,
$69,986.00 TX N/A SSC 2003
F6.02-8365 (SBIR 2003-1)
Intelligent Flight Support System (IFSS): A Real-Time Intelligent Decision Support Prototype
HPN Software Consultant Inc.
Heidi Nguyen,
$70,000.00 TX N/A JSC 2003
S2.06-8634 (SBIR 2003-1)
Improved High Efficiency MCPs for Detection of Photons and Large Biomolecules
Integrated Micro Sensors Inc.
David Starikov,
$69,999.99 TX N/A GSFC 2003
B3.01-9101 (SBIR 2003-1)
A Nanoparticulate Photocatalytic Filter for Removal of Trace Contaminant Gases
Lynntech, Inc.
Cynthia Barnett,
$70,000.00 TX N/A JSC 2003
F4.02-9055 (SBIR 2003-1)
Electrochemical Hydrogen Peroxide Generator for Multiple Applications in Space
Lynntech, Inc.
Cynthia Barnett,
$70,000.00 TX N/A JSC 2003
B3.08-8618 (SBIR 2003-1)
ISS Inventory Tracking System
Invocon, Inc.
Tish Jones,
$69,996.00 TX N/A JSC 2003
B5.03-8760 (SBIR 2003-1)
Novel Fabrication of Nano Device for Single DNA/Protein Detection
Lynntech, Inc.
Cynthia Barnett,
$68,000.00 TX N/A ARC 2003
F3.05-9455 (SBIR 2003-1)
Laser Power Transmission Employing a Dual-Use Photovoltaic Concentrator at the Receiving End
Mark O'Neill,
$69,078.00 TX N/A MSFC 2003
Displaying 1-10 of 22