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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
H3.03-9517 (SBIR 2002-1)
Hybrid Data System and Ion Detector for TOF Mass Spectrometry
Maria Ambriz,
$69,983.99 TX N/A KSC 2002
A6.02-9407 (SBIR 2002-1)
Characterization and synthesis of carbon nano-materials by LDI-IM TOF MS
Maria Ambriz,
$69,856.99 TX N/A JPL 2002
B2.03-9743 (SBIR 2002-1)
Discovering Stress Related Gene Transcript for Bioreactor Monitoring
Genexpress Informatics Inc.
Rick Virgne,
$69,971.20 TX N/A ARC 2002
E1.07-9079 (SBIR 2002-1)
High Efficiency MEMS Based Cryocooler
Nanohmics, Inc.
Keith Jamison,
$69,950.72 TX N/A ARC 2002
A6.02-8960 (SBIR 2002-1)
Ultrahigh Volumetric Energy Density PEM Fuel Cells
Nanohmics, Inc.
Keith Jamison,
$69,846.00 TX N/A GRC 2002
B4.02-7759 (SBIR 2002-1)
Compact Biological Aerosol Fluorescence Detection System
Nanohmics, Inc.
Keith Jamison,
$68,825.00 TX N/A MSFC 2002
E2.01-9200 (SBIR 2002-1)
Rational Engineering of Carbon Nanotube Surfaces
ZYVEX Corporation
Sha-Chelle Manning,
$69,335.00 TX N/A JSC 2002
E2.04-8621 (SBIR 2002-1)
Low-Loss Packaged Ka-Band (26.5 GHz) MEMS Phase Shifter
Robert Miracky,
$69,236.00 TX N/A GRC 2002
H2.02-9556 (SBIR 2002-1)
Intelligent Procedure Tracking and Assistance
Metrica Inc.
Bruce Dunson,
$69,993.00 TX N/A ARC 2002
B3.05-9088 (SBIR 2002-1)
Transdermal Delivery System for Therapeutic Molecules
Lynntech, Inc.
Gloria Hisaw,
$69,999.61 TX N/A GRC 2002
Displaying 1-10 of 26