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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
11.08-0618 (SBIR 1991-1)
Highly Accurate, Adaptive Techniques for Damage Modeling and Life Prediction of Aerospace Structures
Computational Mechanics Company Inc
J. Tinsley Oden,
$49,946.00 TX N/A MSFC 1991
05.01-2577 (SBIR 1991-1)
Adaptive Wavelet Image Processing
Fastman Inc
N. Duke Perreira,
$47,953.00 TX N/A MSFC 1991
04.19-3149 (SBIR 1991-1)
Novel Processing Technology for Stable Electronically Conducting Polymers
Lynntech, Inc.
G. Duncan Hitchens,
$50,000.00 TX N/A GRC 1991
01.01-6660 (SBIR 1991-1)
Deformation Model for Producing Adaptive Grids
MDA Engineering Inc
Dale Anderson,
$49,972.00 TX N/A GRC 1991
13.05-9040 (SBIR 1991-1)
Miniature, Ruggedized Mass Spectrometer
SI Diamond Technology Inc
Howard Schmidt,
$49,974.00 TX N/A KSC 1991
13.12-2101 (SBIR 1991-1)
Active Corrosion Analysis
Texas Medical Electronics Co
Hayati Balkanli,
$50,000.00 TX N/A SSC 1991
14.01-1950 (SBIR 1991-1)
Digital Communication System Integration
Shason Microwave
Roland Shaw,
$48,040.00 TX N/A JSC 1991
02.03-3921 (SBIR 1991-1)
Basic Governing Equations and Physical Models for Highly Nonequilibrium Hypersonic Flows
BSA Services
H.E. Blackwell,
$46,347.00 TX N/A ARC 1991
12.06-1145 (SBIR 1991-1)
Light-Driven, Waste-Remediation System Utilizing Phototrophic Bacteria
Micro-Bac International Inc
J.M. Morales,
$49,000.00 TX N/A MSFC 1991
04.20-9040 (SBIR 1991-1)
Amorphous-Diamond, Protective Coatings for Exposed Surfaces in Low-Earth Orbit
SI Diamond Technology Inc
Howard Schmidt,
$48,000.00 TX N/A JSC 1991
Displaying 1-10 of 19