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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
08.15-2292 (SBIR 1990-1)
Universal Helium Magnetometer For Space
Polatomic Inc.
Robert Slocum,
$49,893.00 TX N/A JPL 1990
10.07-9892 (SBIR 1990-1)
Research On Materials And Methods Of Construction For Thermovoltaic Cells And Batteries
Energy Innovations Inc
Clement Isonguyo,
$48,950.00 TX N/A JSC 1990
09.09-4900 (SBIR 1990-1)
Using Pressed And Sintered Bi-Sb To Improve Thermoelectric Coolers Below 200K
Marlow Industries Inc
John Nelson,
$49,086.00 TX N/A JPL 1990
02.01-2027 (SBIR 1990-1)
Solution Adaptive Gridding Within The Chimera Grid Scheme
Chimera Research
F. Carroll Dougherty,
$33,290.00 TX N/A ARC 1990
12.01-9769 (SBIR 1990-1)
Hand-Held, Medical Diagnostic, Ultrasound, B-Mose Scanner With Doppler
Coherent Systems Inc
Edward Leahey,
$49,900.00 TX N/A JSC 1990
12.02-6800 (SBIR 1990-1)
Quantitation Of Radiation Effects On Human Cells
DNA Sciences
Kurt Kelsch,
$40,070.00 TX N/A JSC 1990
08.18-1500 (SBIR 1990-1)
Active Fluorometer for Measuring Primary Productivity In The Oceans
G Miller Machine Co Inc
Douglas Miller,
$50,000.00 TX N/A JPL 1990
06.02-5700 (SBIR 1990-1)
Creation Of A Nasa Specification To Executable Programs (Nasa/Step) Capability
International Software Systems Inc
Priscilla Yeh,
$49,993.00 TX N/A GSFC 1990
06.05-3550 (SBIR 1990-1)
Digital Video Interactive Based Intelligent Computer-Assisted Training/Mission Planning System
Betac Corp
Kenneth Pressman,
$49,796.00 TX N/A JSC 1990
08.19-7045 (SBIR 1990-1)
Optical Coatings For Infrared Detectors Using Pulsed Rf Plasma Polymerizations
Jacob Lin,
$48,908.00 TX N/A GSFC 1990
Displaying 1-10 of 16