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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
06.06-4570 (SBIR 1988-1)
Cognitive Neurocomputer for Mission Planning and Control
Martingale Research Corp
J. E. Collard,
$50,000.00 TX N/A JSC 1988
04.10-1691 (SBIR 1988-1)
Atomic Oxygen Source for Superconductor Thin-Film Fabrication
J. Albert Schultz,
$49,000.00 TX N/A JPL 1988
06.04-6364 (SBIR 1988-1)
Knowledge-Based-Systems Technologies for Advanced Decision Support System
Econ Inc
John Skratt,
$49,352.00 TX N/A ARC 1988
04.07-3812 (SBIR 1988-1)
Evaluation of Several New Perfluoropolyether Copolymers Containing Tetrafluoroethylene Oxide
Exfluor Research Corp
Richard Lagow,
$50,000.00 TX N/A GRC 1988
15.01-5544 (SBIR 1988-1)
Growth of III-V Ternary Crystals by Liquid-Phase Electroepitaxy
Microgravity Research Assoc Inc
Russell Ramsland,
$49,765.00 TX N/A GRC 1988
03.06-5287 (SBIR 1988-1)
Sensors for Flight Research
Research Innovation Implementation
Kevin Wood,
$47,802.00 TX N/A ARC 1988
08.24-9040 (SBIR 1988-1)
TOF-MS Leak Detectors
SI Diamond Technology Inc
Lila Anderson,
$50,000.00 TX N/A GRC 1988
07.09-3221 (SBIR 1988-1)
Intelligent Information Management with Xy Imaging
Spectrum Management Group Inc
Gary Kidder,
$49,846.00 TX N/A JPL 1988
07.10-4651 (SBIR 1988-1)
An Extensible Shell for Information Access in Heterogeneous Environments
Shou-Hsuan Stephen Huang,
$49,850.00 TX N/A GSFC 1988
02.08-0618 (SBIR 1988-1)
New Approach for Solving Navier-Stokes Equations on Unstructured Grids Based on Adaptive Methods
Computational Mechanics Company Inc
J. Tinsley Oden,
$50,000.00 TX N/A ARC 1988
Displaying 1-10 of 21