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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
H5.02-9883 (SBIR 2001-1)
A Velocity-Control Framework for Kinematically Redundant Manipulators
Energid Technologies
James English,
$67,699.94 MA N/A JSC 2001
E1.02-8818 (SBIR 2001-1)
A switchable holographic circle to point converter for use in LIDAR receivers
Scientific Solutions Inc.
Robert Kerr,
$69,292.00 MA N/A GSFC 2001
E1.01-8538 (SBIR 2001-1)
A pixelated Liquid Crystal etalon with application to spectral imaging
Scientific Solutions Inc.
John Noto,
$68,068.00 MA N/A GSFC 2001
B3.09-8937 (SBIR 2001-1)
Particle Physics Transport Code for Simulation of Biological Shielding
stephen reucroft,
$69,984.00 MA N/A LaRC 2001
S4.06-8926 (SBIR 2001-1)
Surface Enhanced Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes for Near-IR Detection
Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc.
Gerald Entine,
$70,000.00 MA N/A JPL 2001
S1.03-9386 (SBIR 2001-1)
Ultralight Star Polymer Photovoltaics
EIC Laboratories Inc.
David Rauh,
$69,996.00 MA N/A GSFC 2001
A1.02-9278 (SBIR 2001-1)
Improved Crashworthy Aircraft Seat Design
Foster-Miller Inc
Ross Olander,
$69,840.00 MA N/A LaRC 2001
S1.04-9226 (SBIR 2001-1)
Super High Expansion Ratio Reflector for Picosat Antennae, SHERRPA
Foster-Miller Inc
Ross Olander,
$69,946.00 MA N/A GSFC 2001
A8.01-8597 (SBIR 2001-1)
Carbon Microfiber Airframe Structures Based on an Insect Cuticle Model
Foster-Miller Inc
Ross Olander,
$69,967.00 MA N/A LaRC 2001
S3.02-9366 (SBIR 2001-1)
Optimal Path Planning for Formation Flying Applications with Collision Avoidance
Scientific Systems Company, Inc.
Raman Mehra,
$70,000.00 MA N/A JPL 2001
Displaying 1-10 of 55