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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
H5.01-4299 (SBIR 2019-2)
Deployable and Retractable Solar Array for Lunar Surface/Lander Mobility Operations
Deployable Space Systems, Inc.
Brian Spence,
$749,163.00 CA Human Exploration and Operations GRC 2019
S1.01-3244 (SBIR 2019-2)
Widely Tunable Fast Semiconductor Laser Seed Source at 1030nm for LIDAR Remote Sensing
Freedom Photonics, LLC
Daniel Renner,
$749,983.00 CA Science GSFC 2019
A1.09-3425 (SBIR 2019-2)
Adaptive RuGgedized Ubiquitous Sensor Network for Aircraft Health Monitoring (ARGUS-4AHM) System
American GNC Corporation
Emily Melgarejo,
$749,988.00 CA Aeronautics Research AFRC 2019
H9.01-3429 (SBIR 2019-2)
A Low Noise, Low Power, Cryogenic Differential Amplifier for Reducingthe Timing Jitter in Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors
Cosmic Microwave Technology, Inc.
Denise L Smith,
$723,274.00 CA Human Exploration and Operations JPL 2019
A1.06-4281 (SBIR 2019-2)
Composite Crash Attenuators for UAM Vehicle Crashworthiness
Urbineer, Inc.
Stuart Marshall,
$749,958.00 CA Aeronautics Research LaRC 2019
H9.03-2971 (SBIR 2019-2)
A Networked Flight Dynamics Platform for Collaborative Design and Optimization
Nabla Zero Labs
Juan Arrieta,
$749,851.00 CA Human Exploration and Operations GSFC 2019
A1.01-3405 (SBIR 2019-2)
Integrating Distributed Control into High-Fidelity Aircraft Multidisciplinary Design Optimization
CMSoft, Inc.
Francoise Farhat,
$759,083.00 CA Aeronautics Research ARC 2019
S1.01-3529 (SBIR 2019-2)
A novel chip-scale seed source at 1645nm for methane LIDARs
Freedom Photonics, LLC
Leif Johansson,
$749,993.00 CA Science LaRC 2019
H9.05-3791 (SBIR 2019-2)
Narrow-Spectrum Two-Photon Sources for Space-Based Quantum Communication
Corey McClelland,
$749,883.00 CA Human Exploration and Operations GRC 2019
S1.07-3832 (SBIR 2019-2)
Sample Pre-Processing Instrument for Chemical Exploration (SPICE)
Leiden Measurement Technology, LLC
Nathan Bramall,
$749,823.00 CA Science ARC 2019
Displaying 81-90 of 101