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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
Z4.03-4412 (SBIR 2019-2)
Lightweight Conformal Structures
M4 Engineering, Inc.
Michelle Darlington,
Not Available Yet CA Space Technology LaRC 2019
A1.02-2701 (SBIR 2019-2)
High-Resolution Source Characterization and Modeling for Efficient Prediction of Propulsion-Airframe Aeroacoustics
ATA Engineering, Inc.
Joshua Davis,
$744,347.00 CA Aeronautics Research GRC 2019
H12.06-2646 (SBIR 2019-2)
Individualized, Noninvasive Speech Indicators for Tracking Elevations in Stress (INSITES)
Quantum Applied Science and Research, Inc.
Tracey Wrightson,
$759,942.00 CA Human Exploration and Operations ARC 2019
A2.02-3874 (SBIR 2019-2)
Acoustic Detection, Ranging and Improved Situational Awareness System
Scientific Applications & Research Associates, Inc.
Ruth Craig,
$749,370.00 CA Aeronautics Research AFRC 2019
S1.10-3876 (SBIR 2019-2)
Miniature Laser System for Yb Ion Clock
OEwaves, Inc.
Debra Coler,
Not Available Yet CA Science JPL 2019
S2.03-4264 (SBIR 2019-2)
SBIR NASA CUBESAT Phase 2 Technical Proposal
Quartus Engineering, Inc.
Andrea Cuneo,
$749,344.00 CA Science LaRC 2019
Z8.06-2584 (SBIR 2019-2)
Compact, Lightweight Bolt-on Deorbit Device for Spacecraft
L'Garde, Inc.
Linden Bolisay,
$749,752.00 CA Space Technology ARC 2019
Z6.01-3112 (SBIR 2019-2)
Reliable and Real Time Linux for HPSC
Antara Teknik, LLC
Mehmet Adalier,
$749,941.00 CA Space Technology JPL 2019
S2.03-3668 (SBIR 2019-2)
Reconfigurable Optoelectronic Mirror Evaluation (ROME) System
Advanced Systems & Technologies, Inc.
Beth Imlay,
$749,997.00 CA Science MSFC 2019
S3.06-3881 (SBIR 2019-2)
Surviving the Lunar Night Using Metal Oxidation Warming Systems
Masten Space Systems, Inc.
Tristan Cembrinksi,
$749,998.00 CA Science MSFC 2019
Displaying 71-80 of 101