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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
A1.09-3425 (SBIR 2019-1)
Adaptive RuGgedized Ubiquitous Sensor Network for Aircraft Health Monitoring (ARGUS-4AHM) System
American GNC Corporation
Emily Melgarejo,
$124,994.00 CA Aeronautics Research AFRC 2019
Z6.01-3427 (SBIR 2019-1)
InnoSwitch - A Flexible HPSC Switch/Router
Innoflight, Inc.
David Andaleon,
$124,938.00 CA Space Technology GSFC 2019
S1.06-3582 (SBIR 2019-1)
Vector Magnetometer Based on Spin Wave Phased-array Antenna
Beam - CA, LLC
Elena Khitun,
$124,570.00 CA Science GSFC 2019
S5.01-3661 (SBIR 2019-1)
GPU-Scceleration of the CORona-HELiosphere Solar Wind and CME Modeling Suite
Predictive Science, Inc.
Meaghan Marsh,
$124,747.00 CA Science ARC 2019
S1.07-4193 (SBIR 2019-1)
Venus In-Situ Mineralogy Reaction Array (VIMRA) Sensor Platform
Makel Engineering, Inc.
Darby Makel,
$124,916.00 CA Science GRC 2019
Z4.03-4412 (SBIR 2019-1)
Lightweight Conformal Structures
M4 Engineering, Inc.
Kevin Roughen,
$124,976.00 CA Space Technology LaRC 2019
S1.01-3529 (SBIR 2019-1)
A novel chip-scale seed source at 1645nm for methane LIDARs
Freedom Photonics, LLC
Kristin Snyder,
$124,990.00 CA Science LaRC 2019
S1.06-3322 (SBIR 2019-2)
Helical Booms for Space Applications
Heliospace Corporation
Gregory Delory,
Not Available Yet CA Science GSFC 2019
S4.04-3728 (SBIR 2019-2)
Cryogenic Focus Mechanism
Motiv Space Systems, Inc.
Tom McCarthy,
$749,928.00 CA Science JPL 2019
Z7.04-3871 (SBIR 2019-2)
Testing Deep Cratering Physics to Inform Plume Effects Modeling
Masten Space Systems, Inc.
Tristan Cembrinski,
$749,999.00 CA Space Technology LaRC 2019
Displaying 61-70 of 101