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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
S3.05-2693 (SBIR 2018-2)
Dynamic Soaring for Persistent Venus Upper Atmosphere Observations
Black Swift Technologies, LLC
Jack Elston,
$749,456.00 CO Science AFRC 2018
H5.02-3743 (SBIR 2018-2)
Polymer Derived Ceramic Based Structural Thermal Protection Systems for Atmospheric Entry Vehicles
Sporian Microsystems, Inc.
Kevin Harsh,
$738,266.00 CO Human Exploration and Operations AFRC 2018
Z5.03-5072 (SBIR 2018-2)
Versatile 3D Imager for Human/Spacecraft Monitoring
Boulder Nonlinear Systems, Inc.
Mark Tanner,
$749,762.00 CO Space Technology ARC 2018
Z8.01-8883 (SBIR 2018-2)
Modular Xenon Micro Electric Propulsion System
ExoTerra Resource, LLC
Michael VanWoerkom,
$749,375.00 CO Space Technology JPL 2018
H3.01-5602 (SBIR 2018-2)
Controlled-Release Silver Biocide Device
Environmental and Life Support Tech.
Clifford Jolly,
$755,000.00 CO Human Exploration and Operations JSC 2018
Z4.02-2682 (SBIR 2018-2)
MagTag Modular Interfaces for Palletized Subsystems and Satellites
Altius Space Machines, Inc.
Jonathan Goff,
$753,478.00 CO Space Technology LaRC 2018
H9.05-6702 (SBIR 2018-2)
Atomic System for Quantum Secure Communications
ColdQuanta, Inc.
Lisa Pendergast,
$683,847.00 CO Human Exploration and Operations GRC 2018
T7.02-2932 (STTR 2018-2)
MarsOasis - An Efficient Autonomously Controlled Martian Crop Production System
Space Lab Technologies, LLC
Christine Escobar,
$754,919.00 CO Small Business Technology Transfer KSC 2018
T12.01-5482 (STTR 2018-2)
Validated Engineering Tools for Thin-Ply Composites
Opterus Research and Development, Inc.
Thomas Murphey,
$749,817.00 CO Small Business Technology Transfer LaRC 2018
Displaying 51-59 of 59