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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
H10.02-2583 (SBIR 2021-2)
Intelligent Soft Actuators with Self-Diagnosis Capabilities
Artimus Robotics Inc.
Timothy Morrissey,
Not Available Yet CO Human Exploration and Operations KSC 2021
S1.03-2620 (SBIR 2021-2)
Low-loss deployable reflector antenna at frequencies up to 200 GHz for small satellites
Boulder Environmental Sciences and Technology
Marian Klein,
Not Available Yet CO Science GSFC 2021
S1.08-2979 (SBIR 2021-2)
A Particle Phase Spectrometer for Cloud Microphysics Research
Paul Lawson,
Not Available Yet CO Science LaRC 2021
S1.12-2995 (SBIR 2021-2)
Multichannel Thermosphere Ionosphere Photometer Scanner (MTIPS)
Atmospheric & Space Technology Research Associates, LLC
Rachel Hauser,
Not Available Yet CO Science GSFC 2021
A3.04-3327 (SBIR 2021-2)
Microscale Weather Based Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management Optimization System
Aeris, LLC
Paul Bieringer,
Not Available Yet CO Aeronautics Research LaRC 2021
Displaying 41-45 of 45