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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
X4.02-8917 (SBIR 2010-2)
Advanced Supported Liquid Membranes for CO2 Control in EVA Applications
Reaction Systems, LLC
Todd Leeson,
$750,000.00 CO Exploration Systems JSC 2010
O2.01-8824 (SBIR 2010-1)
Standard Electric Interface for Payload and Launch Vehicle Enabling Secondary Rideshare
Design_Net Engineering LLC
Tom Adams,
$99,956.00 CO Space Operations KSC 2010
S3.06-9833 (SBIR 2010-1)
A Reaction Sphere for High Performance Attitude Control
Noqsi Aerospace ltd
John Doty,
$99,952.00 CO Science GSFC 2010
X3.03-8236 (SBIR 2010-1)
Nanostructured Humidity Sensor for Spacecraft Life Support Systems
Synkera Technologies Inc.
Stephen Williams,
$99,996.00 CO Exploration Systems JPL 2010
S3.03-9462 (SBIR 2010-1)
FDM-HAWK, A High Performance Compact Modular Solar Array
MMA Design, LLC
Mitchell Wiens,
$99,986.00 CO Science GRC 2010
S3.01-8682 (SBIR 2010-1)
Technologies Enabling Custom Radiation-Hardened Component Development
Microelectronics Research Development Corporation
Karen VanCura,
$99,991.00 CO Science GSFC 2010
O1.03-8210 (SBIR 2010-1)
High Performance Ultra Low-Power ADCs and DACs
Microelectronics Research Development Corporation
Karen VanCura,
$99,964.00 CO Space Operations GRC 2010
S1.04-9017 (SBIR 2010-1)
Radiation Hardened Bolometer Linear Array
Black Forest Engineering, LLC
Stephen Van Duyne,
$99,990.00 CO Science JPL 2010
Displaying 41-48 of 48