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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
S1.05-8508 (SBIR 2008-1)
Novel Single Photon Counting Readout Circuits and APD Arrays with Capability from UV to IR
Epitaxial Technologies LLC
Leye Aina,
$99,996.00 MD Science GSFC 2008
O1.02-9948 (SBIR 2008-1)
Efficient Wearable Antennas for Astronaut EVA Communications
Pharad LLC
Austin Farnham,
$99,995.00 MD Space Operations GRC 2008
A2.02-9443 (SBIR 2008-1)
High Temperature, High Frequency Fuel Metering Valve
Active Signal Technologies Inc.
Keith Bridger,
$99,620.00 MD Aeronautics Research GRC 2008
Displaying 31-33 of 33