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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
A2.02-9342 (SBIR 2018-1)
Sensor Fusion and Algorithms for Mapping at Low Altitude Above Rugged Terrain
Black Swift Technologies, LLC
Jack Elston,
$124,494.00 CO Aeronautics Research AFRC 2018
S4.02-9662 (SBIR 2018-1)
Dust Tolerant Electropermanent Magnetic Tool Interface
Altius Space Machines, Inc.
Jonathan Goff,
$123,225.00 CO Science JPL 2018
S4.05-9872 (SBIR 2018-1)
Contamination Control System Via Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization
Skyhaven Systems, LLC
Michael Kimble,
$124,999.00 CO Science JPL 2018
T6.01-1259 (STTR 2018-1)
A Supported Liquid Membrane System for Steady State CO2 Control in a Spacecraft Cabin
Reaction Systems, LLC
Todd Leeson,
$124,985.00 CO Small Business Technology Transfer JSC 2018
T12.01-7072 (STTR 2018-1)
Engineering and Qualification of Thin-Ply Composites
Stephanie Amend,
$124,945.00 CO Small Business Technology Transfer LaRC 2018
T12.01-5482 (STTR 2018-1)
Validated Engineering Tools for Thin-Ply Composites
Opterus Research and Development, Inc.
Thomas Murphey,
$124,871.00 CO Small Business Technology Transfer LaRC 2018
T7.02-2932 (STTR 2018-1)
MarsOasis - An Efficient Autonomously Controlled Martian Crop Production System
Space Lab Technologies, LLC
Christine Escobar,
$124,620.00 CO Small Business Technology Transfer KSC 2018
S1.08-4652 (SBIR 2018-2)
An Airborne Continuous Flow Diffusion Chamber for Measuring Ice Nucleating Particles
Handix Scientific, LLC
Gavin McMeeking,
$754,974.00 CO Science LaRC 2018
S4.02-5902 (SBIR 2018-2)
Multimodal Agile Ranging and Velocimetry INstrument
Daniel Feldkhun,
$717,871.00 CO Science JPL 2018
S1.07-6153 (SBIR 2018-2)
Pressure Sensors for Glenn Extreme Environment Rig and Planetary Science Applications
Sporian Microsystems, Inc.
Kevin Harsh,
$749,943.00 CO Science GRC 2018
Displaying 31-40 of 59