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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
25.02-2191 (SBIR 1997-2)
Compact, Highly Integrated Optical Correlators for High-Speed Image Processing
Displaytech Inc.
Mark Handschy,
$599,590.00 CO N/A JSC 1997
12.01-8008A (SBIR 1997-2)
Low Cost Fabrication of High Temperature Polyimide Matrix Composites
Eltron Research & Development Inc.
Eileen Sammells,
$598,500.00 CO N/A MSFC 1997
23.02-7115 (SBIR 1997-2)
High Density Passive Component Arrays for Analog ASICs
Nanomaterials Research Corporation
Neil Lupton,
$600,000.00 CO N/A GSFC 1997
18.02-0890 (SBIR 1997-2)
Mars Micro Balloon Probe
Pioneer Astronautics
Robert Zubrin,
$600,000.00 CO N/A JPL 1997
15.01-1373 (SBIR 1997-2)
Fully Active Scale Telescope (FAST)
Blue Line Engineering Co.
Gregory Ames,
$593,111.00 CO N/A MSFC 1997
19.02-1141 (SBIR 1997-2)
Flexible Thin-Film CIGS High-Voltage Array for Space Applications
Global Solar Energy LLC
Mohan Misra,
$599,856.00 CO N/A GRC 1997
23.04-0133 (SBIR 1997-2)
Low-cost pulse tube oxygen liquefier
Mesoscopic Devices LLC
Jerry Martin,
$599,977.00 CO N/A JSC 1997
10.10-7819B (SBIR 1997-2)
Large Scale Synthesis of Single-Walled Nanotubes
TDA Research, Inc.
Michael Karpuk,
$600,000.00 CO N/A JSC 1997
09.03-1248A (SBIR 1997-2)
A digital holographic monitor for protein crystals and materials science
Owen Research Inc
Brian Sperry,
$597,515.00 CO N/A MSFC 1997
14.03-2000B (SBIR 1997-2)
Auto-Alignment and Lag Angle Compensation Technologies for Autonomous Coherent Lidars
Coherent Technologies Inc.
Robert Huffaker,
$599,932.00 CO N/A MSFC 1997
Displaying 31-40 of 46