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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
S3.05-8592 (SBIR 2001-1)
Low-Noise High-Resolution Multiplexer Electronics for Deformable Mirrors
Xinetics Inc.
Mark Ealey,
$67,880.54 MA N/A JPL 2001
B3.03-8529 (SBIR 2001-1)
A Wireless Smart Sensor System for Monitoring EMG Signals
Delsys Inc
Veronica O'Quinn,
$69,855.57 MA N/A JSC 2001
A1.05-8767 (SBIR 2001-1)
Shaped Field Giant Magnetoresistive Sensor Arrays for Materials Testing
JENTEK Sensors, Inc.
Neil Goldfine,
$70,000.00 MA N/A LaRC 2001
A6.02-9011 (SBIR 2001-1)
Field Emission Cathode for Electrodynamic Tethers
Busek Company, Inc.
Judy Budny,
$69,961.00 MA N/A MSFC 2001
S2.05-9084 (SBIR 2001-1)
Dynamics Optics Controls Structures (DOCS)
Mide Technology
Petra Botha,
$69,932.00 MA N/A GSFC 2001
E2.01-8579 (SBIR 2001-1)
Advanced Clear Space Durable Polymer for Ultra-Lightweight Structures and Optics
Triton Systems, Inc.
Ross Haghighat,
$70,000.00 MA N/A LaRC 2001
B2.01-9728 (SBIR 2001-1)
Electrochemical Ethylene Sensor for Monitoring Low Levels in Plant Environments
Giner, Inc.
Anthony LaConti,
$69,928.00 MA N/A KSC 2001
E3.01-9841 (SBIR 2001-1)
Primary Endmember Analysis for Compression of Hypercubes
Spectral Sciences, Inc.
Fritz Bien,
$69,996.00 MA N/A JPL 2001
S2.05-8762 (SBIR 2001-1)
SiCf/SiC Composites w/ Variable Fiber Form for Monolithic SiC Optical Instrument
Alan McEacharn,
$69,836.00 MA N/A GSFC 2001
A5.02-9002 (SBIR 2001-1)
High Temperature Polymer Nanocomposites for Cryogenic Fuel Tanks
Triton Systems, Inc.
Ross Haghighat,
$70,000.00 MA N/A LaRC 2001
Displaying 21-30 of 55