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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
S3.02-8693 (SBIR 2015-1)
Electride Hollow Cathode
Plasma Controls, LLC
Casey Farnell,
$125,000.00 CO Science GRC 2015
S1.09-8674 (SBIR 2015-1)
Robust Frequency Combs and Lasers for Optical Clocks and Sensing
Vescent Photonics, Inc.
Ruth McCurry,
$124,994.00 CO Science JPL 2015
S1.05-8837 (SBIR 2015-1)
Electric Potential and Field Instrument for CubeSat (EPIC)
Composite Technology Development, Inc.
Lori Bass,
$124,970.00 CO Science GSFC 2015
S1.01-8825 (SBIR 2015-1)
Development of a High Energy Er-Fiber Amplifier for a Space-based Wind, Aerosol, and Range Lidar Sensor
SibellOptics, LLC
Russell Sibell,
$124,381.00 CO Science LaRC 2015
A1.07-9387 (SBIR 2015-2)
High Temperature "Smart" P3 Sensors and Electronics for Distributed Engine Control
Sporian Microsystems, Inc.
Mike Usrey,
$754,984.00 CO Aeronautics Research GRC 2015
H11.01-9318 (SBIR 2015-2)
Multifunctional Polyolefin Matrix Composite Structures
TDA Research, Inc.
John Wright,
$749,976.00 CO Human Exploration and Operations LaRC 2015
S2.02-9221 (SBIR 2015-2)
Dimensionally Stable Structural Space Cable
Douglas Campbell,
$749,933.00 CO Science JPL 2015
H2.04-9218 (SBIR 2015-2)
Vapor Cooled Structure MLI: Efficient Vapor Cooling of Structural Elements
Quest Thermal Group
Alan Kopelove,
$752,225.00 CO Human Exploration and Operations GRC 2015
S1.02-9216 (SBIR 2015-2)
ROC-Rib Deployable Ka-Band Antenna for Nanosatellites
Tendeg, LLC
Gregg Freebury,
$749,968.00 CO Science JPL 2015
S3.02-9159 (SBIR 2015-2)
Nitrous Ethane-Ethylene Rocket with Hypergolic Ignition
Pioneer Astronautics
Robert Zubrin,
$754,607.00 CO Science GRC 2015
Displaying 21-30 of 36