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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
06.06-8933A (SBIR 1993-2)
Universal Spatial Light Modulator
Displaytech Inc.
Mark Handschy,
$595,929.00 CO N/A ARC 1993
08.09-2200 (SBIR 1993-2)
Wind-Field and Wind-Shear Detection Using Random-Modulated, Continuous-Wave Lidar and Edge Techniques
Ophir Corp
Donald Rottner,
$600,000.00 CO N/A GSFC 1993
03.05-2200 (SBIR 1993-2)
Real-Time Remote-Sensing Air Temperature Radiometer for High-Speed Aircraft
Ophir Corp
Donald Rottner,
$598,717.00 CO N/A AFRC 1993
12.09-8152A (SBIR 1993-2)
Employing Hypermedia and the Information Superhighway to Enhance Use of Human Factors in Space-Based Design
Johnson Engineering Corp
Nancy Dagle,
$584,020.00 CO N/A JSC 1993
12.06-7819 (SBIR 1993-2)
Catalytic Oxidation of Halogenated Hydrocarbons
TDA Research, Inc.
Michael Karpuk,
$586,815.00 CO N/A JSC 1993
08.02-8736 (SBIR 1993-2)
Scanner, Signal Processor, and System Development and Integration of an Optical Air Turbulence Sensor
Coherent Technologies Inc.
Robert Huffaker,
$599,998.00 CO N/A LaRC 1993
12.08-0098 (SBIR 1993-2)
Advanced Zeoponic Plant Growth Media, Application Systems and Production Processes for Space Environmental Life Support Systems and Commerical Horticulture
Boulder Innovative Technologies Inc
Richard Andrews,
$600,000.00 CO N/A KSC 1993
09.09-0292 (SBIR 1993-2)
Thermal Radiation Analyzer for CAD Systems
Cullimore & Ring Technologies Inc.
Brent Cullimore,
$594,516.00 CO N/A MSFC 1993
03.02-8736 (SBIR 1993-2)
Aircraft Wake Tracking Analysis
Coherent Technologies Inc.
Robert Huffaker,
$599,914.00 CO N/A LaRC 1993
Displaying 21-29 of 29