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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
19.03-4599 (SBIR 1997-1)
High Density DC-DC Converter Modules for Satellite Applications using Multilayer Hybrid Packaging
VPT Inc.
Dan Sable,
$69,464.00 VA N/A GRC 1997
06.01-7833a (SBIR 1997-1)
Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors for Simultaneous Measurement of Shear Force, Strain, and Temperature for Aerospace Applications
Arnel Lavarias,
$70,000.00 VA N/A LaRC 1997
06.01-0818 (SBIR 1997-1)
An advanced system for dynamic model deformation and angle-of-attack measurements
High Technology Corp
Mujeeb Malik,
$70,000.00 VA N/A LaRC 1997
14.11-0800B (SBIR 1997-1)
Nonlinear Dynamical Techniques for Analyzing Spacecraft Data
Center for Remote Sensing Inc
Suman Ganguly,
$70,000.00 VA N/A GSFC 1997
20.05-4942 (SBIR 1997-1)
Modern Method for Computing Contamination
Frederick A. Costello Inc
Frederick Costello,
$69,822.00 VA N/A MSFC 1997
03.01-332 (SBIR 1997-1)
Rotorcraft Blade Vortex Interaction Control with Induced-Strain Actuation of Blade Twist
Systems Planning & Analysis Inc
Phillip Lantz,
$70,000.00 VA N/A LaRC 1997
16.03-3400 (SBIR 1997-1)
Self-contained Autonomous Vibration Control Actuator
Planning Systems Incorporated
Alan Friedman,
$69,733.00 VA N/A JPL 1997
24.03-9293 (SBIR 1997-1)
An Artificial Intelligence/Fault Injection-basedApproach to Software Recovery
Reliable Software Technologies Corp
Jeffery Payne,
$69,901.00 VA N/A ARC 1997
06.09-5128 (SBIR 1997-1)
Microfabricated, Low Maintenance Skin Friction Sensor for Highly Transient Applications
Luna Innovations, Inc.
Garnett Linkous,
$69,504.00 VA N/A LaRC 1997
28.03-6941 (SBIR 1997-1)
Detection and Quantitation of Rare DNA
Biotraces Inc
E. James Wadiak,
$69,920.00 VA N/A ARC 1997
Displaying 11-20 of 35