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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
X7.02-9316 (SBIR 2006-1)
A Software Framework for Coordinating Human-Robot Teams
TRACLabs, Inc.
Jonathan Fast,
$99,869.00 TX Exploration Systems JSC 2006
S7.06-9134 (SBIR 2006-1)
Electrochemical-Driven Fluid Pump for Spacecraft Thermal Control
Lynntech, Inc.
Cynthia Barnett,
$100,000.00 TX Science MSFC 2006
X3.01-8268 (SBIR 2006-1)
CNT-Based Smart Electrostatic Filters for Capturing Nanoparticulate Lunar Regolith
Agave BioSystems Inc.
Noe Salazar,
$100,000.00 TX Exploration Systems JSC 2006
Displaying 11-13 of 13