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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
S1.07-9285 (SBIR 2015-2)
Instrument for Airborne Measurement of Carbonyl Sulfide
Southwest Sciences, Inc.
Alan Stanton,
$750,000.00 NM Science GRC 2015
H2.02-9127 (SBIR 2015-2)
Passive Technology to Improve Criticality Control of NTP Reactors
Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation
Chris Hamilton,
$747,651.00 NM Human Exploration and Operations MSFC 2015
T5.01-9993 (STTR 2015-2)
Wideband Autonomous Cognitive Radios for Networked Satellites Communications
Bluecom Systems And Consulting, LLC
Sudharman Jayaweera Kankanamge,
$748,283.00 NM Small Business Technology Transfer GRC 2015
Displaying 11-13 of 13