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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
S4.06-9130 (SBIR 2006-1)
Stratospheric Deployment Parafoil
Pioneer Astronautics
Robert Zubrin,
$99,994.98 CO Science GSFC 2006
S7.06-9060 (SBIR 2006-1)
Thermal Data Exchange Using International Standards
Cullimore & Ring Technologies Inc.
Brent Cullimore,
$100,000.00 CO Science JPL 2006
S3.03-8937 (SBIR 2006-1)
Precision Hinge Actuator for Advanced Telescope Systems
Composite Technology Development, Inc.
Lori Pike,
$99,988.65 CO Science JPL 2006
X6.03-8922 (SBIR 2006-1)
A Nanotechnology Approach to Lightweight Multifunctional Polyethylene Composite Materials for Use Against the Space Environment
TDA Research, Inc.
John Wright,
$100,000.00 CO Exploration Systems LaRC 2006
S4.01-8684 (SBIR 2006-1)
Cooled Bolometer IR Monolithic FPA
Black Forest Engineering, LLC
Tyler Erickson,
$99,904.33 CO Science JPL 2006
X9.01-8488 (SBIR 2006-1)
Integrated MLI: Advanced Thermal Insulation Using Micro-Molding Technology
Quest Thermal Group
Alan Kopelove,
$98,543.00 CO Exploration Systems GRC 2006
X3.01-8461 (SBIR 2006-1)
Nanostructured Catalytic Reactors for Air Purification
Synkera Technologies Inc.
Stephen Williams,
$99,996.00 CO Exploration Systems ARC 2006
X4.01-8138 (SBIR 2006-1)
MPED: An ISRU Bucket Ladder Excavator Demonstrator System
sysRAND Corporation
Gary Rodriguez,
$99,951.00 CO Exploration Systems JSC 2006
T9.01-9934 (STTR 2006-1)
TDLAS Test-stand Diagnostics Development for Velocity, Temperature, Efficiency, and Erosion for Space Shuttle Main Engines
Zolo Technologies Inc.
Patrick McCormick,
$99,725.62 CO Small Business Technology Transfer SSC 2006
T6.01-9904 (STTR 2006-1)
Advanced Granular System Modeling
Technology Applications Inc.
Gregory Fickbohm,
$99,998.79 CO Small Business Technology Transfer KSC 2006
Displaying 11-20 of 21