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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
A1.01-9281 (SBIR 2005-1)
Cockpit-based Wake Vortex Visualization
Micro Analysis & Design Inc
Deborah Koch,
$70,000.00 CO Aeronautics Research LaRC 2005
S2.02-9266 (SBIR 2005-1)
High Temperature Battery for In Situ Exploration of Venus
Mobile Energy Products Inc.
Za Johnson,
$69,567.96 CO Science JPL 2005
X9.01-9045 (SBIR 2005-1)
Lunar In-Situ Volatile Extraction
Technology Applications Inc.
Rolf Baumgartner,
$69,983.00 CO Exploration Systems JSC 2005
S8.05-8816 (SBIR 2005-1)
Mutlifunctional Energy Storage-Structure Modules for Advanced Space Structures
ITN Energy Systems Inc.
Janet Casteel,
$69,934.02 CO Science GSFC 2005
X12.02-8812 (SBIR 2005-1)
Mutlifunctional Fibers for Energy Generation/Storage and Thermal Controls in Extravehicular Mobility Unity
ITN Energy Systems Inc.
Janet Casteel,
$69,976.00 CO Exploration Systems JSC 2005
X10.01-8573 (SBIR 2005-1)
High Efficiency Three Phase Resonant Conversion for Standardized Architecture Power System Applications
Colorado Power Electronics, Inc.
Geoffrey Drummond,
$69,997.64 CO Exploration Systems JPL 2005
X12.03-8217 (SBIR 2005-1)
Effervescent Fine Water Mist Fire Extinguisher for Microgravity Environments
ADA Technologies Inc.
Clifton Brown,
$69,999.32 CO Exploration Systems GRC 2005
X12.07-7968 (SBIR 2005-1)
Pilot-Scale Oxidation Catalysts
Environmental and Life Support Tech.
Cliff Jolly,
$69,985.00 CO Exploration Systems JSC 2005
X2.02-7885 (SBIR 2005-1)
Rigidizing Inflatable Deployable Dwelling (RIDD)
Firestar Engineering LLC
Ted Fisher,
$69,580.00 CO Exploration Systems MSFC 2005
S2.01-7624 (SBIR 2005-1)
Adaptive Computed Tomography Imaging Spectrometer
Boulder Nonlinear Systems, Inc.
Mark Tanner,
$69,598.91 CO Science ARC 2005
Displaying 11-20 of 26