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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
15.03-5225 (SBIR 1994-1)
Near-Ir Spectrometer For Tissue Oxygenation Measurement
Photonics Research Inc
Robert Bryan,
$69,949.00 CO N/A JSC 1994
04.11-2226 (SBIR 1994-1)
A Unique, Sprayable Syntactic-Foam Insulation For Cryogenic Applications
Composite Technology Development, Inc.
Naseem Munshi,
$69,950.00 CO N/A SSC 1994
06.03-8958 (SBIR 1994-1)
High-Speed Liquid Crystal In Fiber Switch
Boulder Nonlinear Systems, Inc.
Roylnn Serati,
$64,974.00 CO N/A ARC 1994
04.06-4411 (SBIR 1994-1)
Versatile Space Welding System
Electric Propulsion Laboratory Inc
Martha Aston,
$68,516.00 CO N/A MSFC 1994
12.07-7819 (SBIR 1994-1)
A Novel Ventilation Gas Conditioning System For An Emu
TDA Research, Inc.
Michael Karpuk,
$68,700.00 CO N/A JSC 1994
12.07-7819A (SBIR 1994-1)
A Novel Sorbent For Carbon-Dioxide Removal
TDA Research, Inc.
Michael Karpuk,
$68,700.00 CO N/A JSC 1994
08.05-6707 (SBIR 1994-1)
A Miniature, Self-Regulating Heat Switch Based On Paraffin Technology
SpaceDev Inc.
Scott Tibbitts,
$69,471.00 CO N/A JPL 1994
04.04-7559 (SBIR 1994-1)
A Quantitative Nde Method For Ceramic Matrix Cracking Using Broadband Ae/Au Waveform Analysis
Digital Wave Corp
M.R. Gorman,
$68,902.00 CO N/A GRC 1994
10.04-0741 (SBIR 1994-1)
Fault-Tolerant Solar Array Control Using Digital Signal Processing For Peak Power Tracking
Analog Solutions
Carl Griesbach,
$69,905.00 CO N/A JPL 1994
07.01-0094 (SBIR 1994-1)
Four-Dimensional Geographical Information System For Earth Science Studies
Vextra Corp
Steve Roche,
$69,983.00 CO N/A JPL 1994
Displaying 11-20 of 38