SBIR/STTR Firm Details - nGimat Co.

nGimat Co.

Firm Information
Name: nGimat Co.
Address: 1824 Willow Trail Parkway
City/State/Zip: Norcross, Georgia, 30093
Phone: (404) 734-3050
Official Name: Andrew Hunt
Firm Statistical Data
Number of Awards: 7

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Title Firm Award Amount State Mission Directorate Center Year
H9.04-8331 (SBIR 2017-1)

Electrionically Steered Antenna for Advanced RF Communications
nGimat Co.
Andrew Hunt,
$125,000.00 GA HEOMD JPL 2017
H3.02-7564 (SBIR 2016-1)

A Novel Cleaning Technology for Spacecraft Habitat
nGimat Co.
Angie Everett,
$125,000.00 GA HEOMD ARC 2016
S2.01-8727 (SBIR 2002-1)

A Novel Transition Edge High Tc Superconducting Bolometer Using CCVD thin films
nGimat Co.
John Edwards,
$69,997.46 GA N/A GSFC 2002
E1.01-9644 (SBIR 2001-1)

Low-Cost Fabrication of Pyroelectric thin films for IR Sensors by Combustion CVD
nGimat Co.
Jeffrey Moore,
$69,999.00 GA N/A LaRC 2001
11.01-9583 (SBIR 2000-1)

Combustion Synthesis of Nanoparticles
nGimat Co.
Jeffrey Moore,
$70,000.00 GA N/A MSFC 2000
11.01-9583 (SBIR 2000-2)

Nanopowder Synthesis in a Microgravity Environment
nGimat Co.
Jeffrey Moore,
$599,991.06 GA N/A MSFC 2000
20.05-8400 (SBIR 1997-1)

Open Atmosphere In Situ Processing of Thermal Control Thin Films for Spacecraft
nGimat Co.
Jeffrey Moore,
$70,000.00 GA N/A MSFC 1997