Space Human Factors and Food Systems

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The new Vision for Space Exploration encompasses needs for innovative technologies in the areas of Space Human Factors and Food Systems. Operations in confined, isolated, and foreign environments can lead to impairments of human performance. Research and development activities in the Space Human Factors and Food Systems topic address challenges that are fundamental to design and development of the next generation crewed space vehicles. These challenges include: 1) understanding the requirements for information feedback to the crew and developing technologies to ensure these requirements are met, 2) building tasks and tools that are compatible with humans and that enable human performance consistent with mission success, and 3) providing extended shelf life foods with improved nutritional content, quality and reduced packaging mass. This Topic seeks methods for monitoring, modeling, and predicting human performance in the spaceflight environment. The Space Human Factors and Food Systems is seeking new Space Human Factors Assessment Tools and Advanced Food Technologies that utilize non-foil barriers and allow food processing or preparation in a reduced gravity and pressure environment.

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