Lightweight Structures and Materials

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The SBIR topic area of Structures and Materials centers on developing lightweight structures technologies to support Lunar Lander, and Lunar Habitats, with relevant technology made available to the CEV and CLV programs. Lightweight structures have been identified as a critical need since the reduction of structural mass translates directly to additional up and down mass capability that would facilitate additional logistics capacity and increased science return for all mission phases. The Lightweight Structures program utilizes and combines multi-center R&D teams into a focused activity for developing lightweight structure technology for the primary load bearing structure of the pressurized elements of the Vision for Space Exploration (VSE) program. In addition, development for non-pressurized primary structures will be considered where there is synergy with the development of the pressurized structures. The major technology drivers of the lightweight structure technology development are to significantly enhance structural systems for man-rated pressurized structures by (1) lowering mass and/or improving efficient volume for reduced launch costs, (2) improving performance to reduce risk and extend life, and (3) improving manufacturing and processing to reduce costs. This topic area is responsible for mid-level technology research, development, and testing through experimental and/or analytical validation. Subtopics in this area include Radiation Shielding Materials, Lightweight Primary Structures, and Advanced Materials.

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