Kevin DiMarzio

Made In Space Vice President

Kevin DiMarzio is the Vice President of business development for Made in Space. He leads a team of professionals in the identification and capture of new opportunities, customer engagement and retention, and business strategy focused on technology solutions. Since joining Made In Space, many new technology development efforts have been added to the Made In Space portfolio that align with the core vision of bringing manufacturing and industrialization to outer space, including Archinaut One (OSAM-2). Recent efforts include new material processing techniques, quality tool sets, and unique ways to use existing terrestrial methodologies in the microgravity and space environment.

Prior to joining Made In Space, Kevin DiMarzio worked for Siemens Energy in the power generation sector primarily focused on the large gas and steam turbine industries. At Siemens, Mr. DiMarzio worked as a multi-disciplinary design engineer and a proposals manager.

Kevin DiMarzio holds a Master’s of Business Administration and a Bachelor’s of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Central Florida.