Bo Naasz

NASA Rendezvous and Capture System Capability Lead

Bo Naasz currently leads NASA’s agency-level Rendezvous and Capture System Capability Leadership Team and is the primary editor of NASA STMD’s On-Orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing (OSAM) Strategic Technology Plan. Bo Naasz is a graduate of Virginia Tech, with Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Aerospace Engineering. His current duties include stewardship, strategy, and advising of NASA leadership on issues relevant to capabilities in Rendezvous and Capture and OSAM. Previously, Bo Naasz served as technical authority and Mission System Engineer for the Restore-L satellite servicing mission, and Project Manager for the Asteroid Redirect Mission’s Capture Module, both at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

While his most recent duties are directed towards Agency-level strategy, mission systems engineering, and project management, his background is in spacecraft guidance navigation and control (GNC), with a focus on navigation and control of multiple spacecraft and robotics for formation flying and autonomous rendezvous, proximity operations, and capture, and small-body terrain relative navigation and control. After working conceptual and development phases of several formation flying missions, Bo Naasz was the Flight Dynamics lead for the Hubble Robotic Servicing and Deorbit Mission in the early 2000s, and later the Principal Investigator for the Relative Navigation System experiment on Hubble Servicing Mission 4. He served as Rendezvous and Proximity Operations Manager, and then as Chief System Engineer in NASA’s Satellite Servicing Projects Division.

Born in Kansas, and raised in Texas, Maryland, and South Dakota, Bo Naasz currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife and three young children.