1996 Phase II

Safe Polyimides for Low-Cost Processing of High-Temperature Composites

Maverick Corporation

Cincinnati, OH

    A family of cost competitive, high-temperature polyimide resins that are void of toxic compounds
4 ft. Aircraft Engine Cooling Tube Produced
using the Solvent-assisted RTM Process.
4 ft. Aircraft Engine Cooling Tube Produced
using the Solvent-assisted RTM Process.
  • Developed a family of low-toxicity polyimides that exhibit glass transition temperatures up to 335C (635F) and excellent thermal oxidative stability to 316C (635F) in aircraft engine environments
  • These "novel" polyimides can be manufactured from fabric or braid using a variety of processes including: autoclave, solvent-assisted Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), and compression molding
  • Advanced the SOA of RTM to a 260°C(500°F) use temperature
  • Complex parts produced included: LH2 Test Duct for Reusable Launch Vehicles, High Pressure Cooling Tube, Center Vent Tube,and Stator Vane Bushings
  • Thermal and mechanical properties were measured to be comparable to the current state-of-the-art resin system, PMR-15
  • Recipient of a 2 year, $500K, Ohio Technology Action Fund grant to commercialize the technology for high-temperature RTM
  • Supporters include GRC, the Air Force, GE Aircraft Engines and BF Goodrich contributing a total of $175K
  • Commercial batches of resin and prepreg have been produced and sold to both Boeing and P&W for quality testing
  • The technology should find widespread uses in aircraft engines and airframe applications
  • These resins will reduce the cost and weight of aerospace structures; hence, useful to NASAs space program
  • This material has been chosen as a backup material for the Joint Strike Fighter Program; it is on competition for the drive shaft of the Commanche Program
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