NASA SBIR SUCCESS STORY Glenn Research Center 
1995 Phase II

Enhanced Combustion Pulsejet Engine (ECPE) for Mach 0 to 3 Applications

Advanced Projects Research, Inc.

La Verne, CA

An advanced pulsejet engine with modern controls was demonstrated
Enhanced Combustion Pulsejet<br> Engine on Target Drone
Enhanced Combustion Pulsejet
Engine on Target Drone
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    • Demonstrated ignition system for a pulsejet
    • Built and tested an advanced pulsejet engine
    • Received funding for continued development from the USAF AFRL. This is a five year Phase III SBIR contract funded to the $8M level
    • Advanced Projects Research, Inc. (APRI) has a $5M task order contract with NASA Glen Research Center for PDE Development
    • Application of technology to regional jet engines has been examined with NASA funding. Favorable results were obtained
    • The APRI “pulsejet” technology stands as unique in the community of pulsed combustion
    • Interest by drone manufacturers for use as a drone engine.  Will reduce engine cost substantially
    • Engine for unmanned air vehicle (UAV) under development
    • NASA’s interest in using this technology as part of a combined cycle engine
    • USAF interest in using this technology as a core or augmentor for a gas-turbine engine
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