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Glenn Research Center 
1987 Phase II

Improved Mirror Facet 

1 Solar Kinetics

Dallas, TX 

    A spin coating process for depositing aluminum on an all metal honeycomb structure to prohjduce high precision mirrors
Solar Dynamic Ground Demonstration Unit
Solar Dynamic Ground Demonstration Unit
  • Demonstrated high precision mirrors can be produced by depositing aluminum on a metallic honeycomb by a spin coating process 
  • Further improvements were validated in a 2 kW test
  • Developed an ultra-lightweight scaled parabolic mirror facet with a specific weight of 1.8kg/m2 with a reflectivity greater than 85%
  • Sale of $1 M to Harris Corporation to build panels for use on Space Station
  • Terrestrial applications include solar concentrators for solar powered waste detoxifiers
  • Created three new jobs
  • Government uses include; Space Station, advanced space telescopes and lightweight antenna dishes
  • Very efficient, high quality concentrator is important to NASA’s Solar Dynamics Program for both space and  terrestrial applications
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