NASA 1999 SBIR Phase I

PROPOSAL NUMBER: 99-1 08.04-8100 (Chron: 990232)

PROJECT TITLE: AUTO-FUR (Automatic User's Training Operations Facility Utilization Request)


APTEK proposes an innovative system for on-line, real-time processing of Facility Utilization Requests (FURs). Our approach uses object-oriented Internet technology and learning algorithms to enable astronauts, instructors, and mission training personnel to efficiently and accurately setup classes for mission critical training. The proposed AUTO-FUR (Automatic User's Training Operations Facility Utilization Request) is innovative in that, for the firsttime, on-line FUR processing will be seamlessly integrated with the training hardware inventory database (THMS) using state-of-the-art Internet technology. In addition, learning algorithms will be used to gather and apply facilityutilization knowledge. The proposed AUTO-FUR, accessible from any web-browser, will increase the efficiency and reduce the costs of training operations by providing the following specific benefits to NASA:

1. Accurate, real-time representation of available training hardware;

2. Immediate feedback to training instructors regarding available resources and possible alternatives;

3. Reduced setup up time for training classes;

4. Efficient use of limited training resources;

5. Increased distribution of training information between the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility, NASA instructors and the International Partners;

6. Automatic rescheduling of conflicting training classes;

7. Training knowledge permanently captured and expanded over time.


At the end of Phase II, APTEK will have developed a commercial ready software product, which will also be used by NASA, to automatically set up and schedule training classes. Some of the general capabilities of the Internet accessible AUTO-FUR include:

- Automatic scheduling of a given event.

- Conflict resolution between simultaneously scheduled events.

- Integration with a flexible, patented inventory database.

- Validation of the requested event with the inventory database.

- Automatic learning of user preferences.

- Intelligent substitution of unavailable items.

This technology can be applied to other applications that require a set of inventory for a given class or event. Examples of which include trade show scheduling, shipping scheduling, and general class scheduling. Since AUTO-FUR is completely database driven, the event does not need to be a training class. By simply changing the data in the database, the event can be a totally different activity requiring the same general capabilities described above. The dynamic nature of the inventory database (THMS) allows virtually any type of inventory to be easily represented in the database.


Carolyn M. Yeager 
APTEK, Inc. 
1257 Lake Plaza Drive 
Colorado Springs , CO   80906 - 3578 


APTEK, Inc. 
1257 Lake Plaza Drive 
Colorado Springs , CO   80906 - 3578