NASA 1999 SBIR Phase I

PROPOSAL NUMBER: 99-1 08.03-3390 (Chron: 990313)

PROJECT TITLE: Wet Carbonization of Space Mission Generated Wastes


This NASA SBIR Phase I project is a feasibility study for treating wastes generated during space missions and producing emissions that are within the Spacecraft Maximum Allowable Concentrations (SMAC), using Wet Carbonization and advanced combustion technologies. EnerTech's innovative Wet Carbonization technology will transform heterogeneous metabolic wastes and trash components, through moderate temperature and pressure carbonization, into a uniform and pumpable slurry, which will be combusted in NASA's fluid-bed combustion and gas cleanup system, producing emissions that are within SMAC standards. The CO2 and H2O generated during conversion of the wastes can be used to support plant growth systems and provide for a closed-loop, regenerative life support system. The objective of this Phase I proposal is to determine the characteristics of the product slurry from Wet Carbonization experiments and an acceptable range of combustion conditions that are within SMAC standards. In Phase I, Wet Carbonization and advanced combustion experiments will be conducted with existing bench-scale facilities using inedible biomass and human feces. It is anticipated that Phase I and Phase II research will produce a prototype unit that can be integrated into a functional life support system in Phase III.


The commercial product and technology to be developed under this Phase I and Phase II project are being targeted at the specified needs of NASA, the ultimate customer. The commercial product to be developed will be an integrated Wet Carbonization and combustion unit, with associated automated control systems, capable of treating the waste generated from a four-person space mission and producing emissions that exceed SMAC standards. In addition, the small-scale unit to be developed will form the basis for much larger units that will be necessary for larger spacecraft missions (e.g. S.S. Freedom) or planetary colonization. In addition to NASA applications, the technology to be developed has potential applications for treatment and disposal of both medical and military wastes.


Mr. Michael K. Klosky EnerTech Environmental, Inc. 739 Trabert Ave.,NW Atlanta , GA   30318 - 0000 


EnerTech Environmental, Inc. 739 Trabert Ave., NW Atlanta , GA   30318 - 0000