Form 9.B Project Summary

Chron: 972135

Proposal Number: 17.01-2827

Project Title: Novel Microchannel Plate Detector

Technical Abstract (Limit 200 words)

The purpose of this proposal is to develop new microchannel plate (MCP) detector technology for UV and x-ray radiation to support the NASA Structure and Evolution of the Universe mission. MCP are used in high speed, low light level photoelectron (UV-IR), x-ray, and particle (neutron, ion, electron, atom) imaging and detection. However, conventional Pb-glass based MCP suffer from: limited lifetime, relatively low temperature processing <450C, intrinsic gain fluctuations from the Poisson statistics of the secondary emission in the first few channel gain collisions, cumulative spatial non-uniformities and channel-channel spatial gain variations from the intrinsic errors in the glass channel dimensions and array packing defects, limited particle fluxes due to the limited range of plate resistivities. NanoSystems, Inc (NSI) proposes to use NSI-developed silicon/silica photolithographically precise MCP substrates as the basis for a new large area MCP utilizing a novel negative electron affinity thin film coating which achieves both high secondary emission and controlled conductivity in a single uniform materials system, leading to: high gain and low single electron gain fluctuations, high temperature operation, long lifetime, high flux or low light level operation by controllable film resistivity, defect-free, high spatial resolution and spatial precision, and areal detection efficiency exceeding 90%.

Potential Commercial Applications (Limit 200 words)

The new MCP discussed in this proposal will lead to new applications in medical and industrial inspection imaging using x-rays, and particles as well as mproved night vision imaging with higher resolution and lower noise. The new NSI MCP fabrication capability permits much larger area precisely positioned channels and with appropriate readout circuitry are capable of imaging at extremely high speed with spatial resolution exceeding 100 lp/mm.

Name and Address of Principal Investigator (Name,

Organization Name, Mail Address, City/State/Zip)

Dr. Charles P. Beetz

NanoSystems Inc.

83 Propkop Road

Oxford , CT 06478

Name and Address of Offeror (Firm Name, Mail Address,


Dr. Charles P. Beetz

NanoSystems Inc.

83 Prokop Road

Oxford , CT 06478