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Fractured Zone Plates for spatial

separation of frequencies

Technical Abstract (Limit 200 words)

The output of a Fabray-Perot interferometer is an

interferometric zone plate when the input is a

monochromatic diverging wave. In a similar fashion

the output of a polychromatic wave will be a

geometric zone pattern of radially changing

frequencies. The individual annular bands can be

sensed directly with a zoned sensor or alternatively

the zone plate pattern may be spatially separated

into individual focused spots with a diffractive

optical element (DOE) or holographic optical

element (HOE). Prior work consisted of fabricating

HOEs with off axis focal planes. Composites were

made by individually masking and stablizing each

zone exposure and replication of a composite could

not be done because of shadows at the smallest


This proposal deals with near on axis DOEs and

ultra thin master HOEs that can be mechanically or

optically replicated as complete devices in one step.

The DOE segments will be formed by punching out

offset annular pieces of several master zone plates

and then assembling the annuli into a secondary

multiplexed zone plate for replication. The offset

distance is the distance between frequency

channels at the DOE focal plane. Hoe designs are

of two kinds, thinly covered master circle to point

converters and master line to point converters. The

latter will enable the use of diffraction gratings in

place of Etalons for wider band frequency

component discrimination. Both cases will enable

the collection of all available signal light into fast

photo diodes arranged in a line or other discreet


Potential Commercial Applications (Limit 200 words)

Commercial wind lidars for air traffic safety are a

good application mainly due to the much lower cost

of direct frequency detection over more

conventional heterodyne coherent lidars. Patterns

can also be made to work with high dispersion

gratings, which are easy to use in some broader

bandwidth configurations like wavelength division

multiplexing. An optical Dopplar radar for the

measurement of the relative motion of two objects

may be a viable application. We have no application

in mind to devleop for ourselves but a free space

optical communication company has expressed

interest in a similar multiplexed HOE which would

be enabled by succeding at this product

development effort.

Name and Address of Principal Investigator (Name,

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Dr Richard D Rallison

Ralcon Development Lab

8501 S 400 W

Paradise , UT 84328-0142

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Richard D Rallison

Ralcon Development Lab

8501 S 400 W

Paradise , UT 84328-0142