Form 9.B Project Summary

Chron: 971679

Proposal Number: 12.01-9591

Project Title: Integrated Dynamic Cell Culturing System for the Bioprocessing Facility

Technical Abstract (Limit 200 words)

Space bioprocessing has evolved into a dynamic R&D program that explores factors affecting human habitation of space, development of biomedical technologies, and enhancement of life on Earth. A significant component of this program focuses on biomedical research at the cellular level, resulting in the need for innovative equipment for culturing cells. The proposed innovation is a teleoperated, perfused cell culturing system, which incorporates internal video and the ability to filter cells from medium and wash them before fixation. Our proposed system incorporates micro-sensors, which monitor the pH and glucose levels within the culture to provide investigators with the unprecedented opportunity to control the growth and development of the cells on a real-time basis. Further, our system fits within a compact, lightweight and fully contained bioprocessing cassette that allows on-orbit sample changeout and enables easier transport to and from the International Space Station. The resulting integrated DYNAmic Cell CULTuring (DYNACULT) cassette operates within the BIOprocessing FACility (BIOFAC) developed by SHOT. DYNACULT is capable of producing a wide variety of cultured cells and transplantable tissues, and has the potential to significantly impact future space exploration, commercialization of new biomedical products and services, and the quality of life on Earth.

Potential Commercial Applications (Limit 200 words)

Our Phase I research is expected to result in commercial product and research applications of the DYNACULT technology that will be useful both in space and on Earth. Commercial product applications for both NASA and the private sector are anticipated from innovations associated with miniaturization of DYNACULT's video, sensor and sampling technology. These innovations could have significant impact on the biomedical equipment market, as well as other markets associated with communications and transportation equipment where miniaturization is an ongoing effort. Research application of the DYNACULT technology could result in transplantable tissue and protein products from cells, microencapsulation of pancreatic cells, and improved treatments for dysfunctions associated with aging, the immune system, and nerve cell disorders. Tissue obtained from microgravity culturing could be used for vessel wall repair and for heart muscle patches. Tissue cultivated through biotechnology processing could replace synthetic materials being used in joint replacements. DYNACULT research in microgravity could increase production and reduce the cost of protein products harvested from leguminous cells, which are used for the treatment of cancer and alcoholism. Furthermore, DYNACULT ground and space experiments with lymphocytes could facilitate design of drugs to slow the aging process.

Name and Address of Principal Investigator (Name,

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Mark Wells

Space Hardware Optimization Technology (SHOT), Inc.

5605 Featherengill Road

Floyd Knobs , IN 47119

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Mark S. Deuser

Space Hardware Optimization Technology (SHOT), Inc.

5605 Featherengill Road

Floyd Knobs , IN 47119