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Low Temperature Lightoff, Lightweight

Catalytic Oxidation Reactor for Life

Support Systems

Technical Abstract (Limit 200 words)

A new class of catalyst technology for catalytic

oxidation is developed based on ultra-short channel

metal monolith(USCMM)substrate with a high

specific surface area (SSA) slip coat. The

technology provides smaller, lighter, more energy

efficient catalytic systems than are possible with

conventional monolith or pellet substrates.

Catalytic oxidation is highly effective in destroying

a wide range of contaminants in applications

ranging from industrial sources such as solvents to

trace airborne contaminants in life support systems.

The technology builds upon Precision Combustion's

previous success in developing an electrically

heated catalytic oxidizer for NASA's Trace

Contaminant Control Subassembly (TCCS) that was

based on a low SSA USCMM catalyst system. This

new catalyst technology combines the excellent

transport properties of the USCMM (low thermal

inertia and excellent mass transfer) with the lower

temperature activity of the high SSA support.

Potential Commercial Applications (Limit 200 words)

The technology can provide lower overall launch

and resupply costs and lower power requirements

when integrated into NASA life support systems for

the Trace Contaminant Control

Subassembly(TCCS), catalytic oxidation for waste

water reclamation, or treatment of exhaust gas

from solids waste incineration. There are

substantial spinoff commercial opportunities for this

technology, primarily for automotive catalytic

converters, air cleaners, clean burners, and

chemical reactors.

Name and Address of Principal Investigator (Name,

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Robert Carter

Precision Combustion, Inc.

25 Science Park, MS 24

New Haven , CT 06511-1968

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Paul Donahe

Precision Combustion, Inc.

25 Science Park, MS 24

New Haven , CT 06511-1968