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Variable Cell Blanket Sandwich Panel


Technical Abstract (Limit 200 words)

This project's purpose is to determine the viability

of mathematically modeling the load transfer

properties of uninterrupted variable cell blanket

structures. Variable cell blanket sandwich panel

technology integrates varying density areas into a

laser welded expanded honeycomb core structure

without the need for costly core splicing. The fully

integrated varying cell blanket configuration

creates an uninterrupted load transfer from one cell

size to another.

This effort will consist of the physical testing and

mathematicaly modeling of the properties of

samples of laser welded titanium honeycomb core in

a variety of cell sizes, and foil thicknesses. It is

anticipated that a viable approach to the modeling

of variable cell blanket structures will be

developed. This approach will be the model used in

designing low cost titanium sandwich panel


Variable cell blanket sandwich panels offer reduced

weight, lower cost and higher strength over other

fabricated panel structures. NASA and the

aerospace industry will benefit for this improved

structural design concept. Complex aircraft designs

requiring both low weight and strength can utilize

this technology to stay within their design


Potential Commercial Applications (Limit 200 words)

Initially, the aerospace industry, both commercial

and military, will receive the greatest benefit from

variable cell blanket technology. Variable cell

technology offers decreased cost, decreased weight

and increased strength for all honeycomb sandwich

structures. There are a number of commercial

markets that will potentially benefit from this

technology. It is expected that the significantly

lower cost and flexible design possibilities afforded

by this product will encourage the use of

honeycomb in industries such as automobile,

construction, and shipbuilding.

Name and Address of Principal Investigator (Name,

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Jeffrey Johnson

Benecor, Inc.

5320 West Main

Parsons , KS 67357-8830

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Kristen Johnson

Benecor, Inc.

5320 West Main

Parsons , KS 67357-8830