94-03-940020 Spherical Motor and Neural Controller for Micro-Precision Robot Wrist A spherical motor with an artificial neural network controller is proposed for use as a micro-precision robot wrist. With the proposed spherical motor, roll, pitch, and yaw motion are combined in a single joint. The direct drive, 3-axes spherical motor eliminates backlash and friction due to gear meshing. In addition to its compact design, the proposed spherical motor results in simple joint kinematics and has no singularities in its working envelope. The 3-dimensional array of stator coils are driven by the proposed neural network controller in response to specified roll, pitch, and yaw values. Motor resolution is controlled by a combination of coil design and distribution in the stator, fine serration of the stator and rotor surfaces, and multiple pulse combinations delivered to the stator coils from the neural network controller. The single joint design of the spherical motor lends itself to built-in wrist force/torque sensing and control. The proposed artificial neural network controlled spherical motor has great potential commercial application in all robot requirements for high speed precision end-effector manipulation of orientation with continuous motion in all directions. The precision control coupled with the spherical motor's compact design makes it particularly appealing for applications in confined spaces. MID-SOUTH ENGINEERING INC P. O. BOX 128015 NASHVILLE, TN 37212