NASA STTR 2006 Solicitation


RESEARCH SUBTOPIC TITLE:Manufacturing Technologies for Human and Robotic Space Exploration
PROPOSAL TITLE:Materials Characterization for Space Manufactured Components

NAME: Luna Innovations Incorporated NAME:University of Alabama, Huntsville
ADDRESS:2851 Commerce Street ADDRESS:300 Sparkman Drive, VBRH E12
CITY:Blacksburg CITY:Huntsville
STATE/ZIP:VA  24060-6657 STATE/ZIP:AL  35899-0001
PHONE: (540) 552-5128 PHONE: (256) 824-2657

Mark   McKenna

TECHNICAL ABSTRACT ( Limit 2000 characters, approximately 200 words)
Long duration missions to the Moon and Mars will place new demands upon components and systems leading to increasingly stringent requirements for safety, quality, maintainability and repair. In-Situ Fabrication and Repair (ISFR) of components is a key exploration initiative technology element managed by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. In this Phase 1 STTR project, Luna Innovations Incorporated (Luna) and the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) propose to extend technology development of a high-resolution acoustic spectrometer to materials characterization for components manufactured in space. Luna and UAH will demonstrate the utility of ultrasonic phase-sensitive measurements with a laboratory Nondestructive Checkout Center (NCC) using Luna's PHLITETM technology to characterize the engineering performance of space manufactured components and to complement traditional NDE methods. The high resolution measurements have been shown in previous NCC development work to be direct indicators of stress, strain, structural stiffness and other material properties critical to aerospace applications. The current project seeks to extend the application of the technique to materials systems and manufacturing processes currently identified in the ISFR program element.

POTENTIAL NASA COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS ( Limit 1500 characters, approximately 150 words)
The Luna NCC system has direct applicability to the In-Situ Fabrication and Repair (ISFR) of space structures and components critical to supporting NASA's manned planetary exploration initiatives. The NCC technology will provide substantial risk mitigation in the use of components and structures that may have to be fabricated away from Earth.

POTENTIAL NON-NASA COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS ( Limit 1500 characters, approximately 150 words)
Luna's NCC system has potentially broad application in a host of DOD-related missions, where the need to reduce spare parts inventory requirements while simultaneously increasing system availability and component reliability are paramount. An increasingly diverse array of rapid prototyping and direct metal deposition manufacturing techniques drive the requirement for state-of-the-art NDE techniques such as NCC for quality assurance of the manufactured parts.

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In-situ Resource Utilization

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