NASA SBIR 2002 Solicitation


PROPOSAL NUMBER:02-II A4.02-7982 (For NASA Use Only - Chron: 024017 )
SUBTOPIC TITLE: Space Structures, Materials, and Manufacturing
PROPOSAL TITLE: Production of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWNT) by catalytic disproportionation of CO in a continuous fluidized bed system ? Phase II

SMALL BUSINESS CONCERN: (Firm Name, Mail Address, City/State/ZIP, Phone)
Southwest Nanotechnologies, Inc.
710 Asp Avenue, Suite 303
Norman , OK   73069 - 4324
(405 ) 217 - 8388

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR/PROJECT MANAGER: (Name, E-mail, Mail Address, City/State/ZIP, Phone)
Leandro Balzano
710 Asp Avenue, Suite 303
Norman , OK   73069 - 4324
(405 ) 217 - 8388

The overall goal of SouthWest Nanotechnologies (SWeNT) is the development of superior technology for the large-scale manufacturing and marketing of nanotubes of unique quality for near-term specialty applications. The Phase I of this SBIR focused in demonstrating that SWeNT's process can be scaled-up to a continuous-mode operation. In the commercialization aspects, the company focused on developing strong partnerships with companies such as Dupont, ChevronPhillips, General Electric, Applied Nanotechnologies Inc., and Nomadics, who will use nanotubes for their end-products.

The low operating costs and scalability of the SWeNT's process, coupled with its versatility for producing nanotubes with tailored structure are attractive characteristics that may make this technology the preferred mode of nanotube production. The expertise developed at SWeNT may position the company in a leading role in the field of nanotube-based materials.

To consolidate the technology and boost the commercialization of SWeNT's products, phase 2 includes the expansion of the nanotube production capabilities and the development of applications to take advantage of the uniqueness of the SWeNT's process for tailoring nanotubes for each specific application. The targeted applications are directly relevant to NASA's stated goals and include structural and conducting composites, fuel cells, microelectronic parts, and field emission devices.

A4.02 Space Structures, Materials, and Mfg
A8.01 Revolutionary Aerospace Vehicle Sys. Concepts
E2.01 Structures and Materials

SWeNT is working with ChevronPhillips Chemical and Lockheed Martin, to help advance this project by "market pull," rather than by "technology push." SWeNT's success in Phase 1 is reflected in the commitment of these two organizations in Phase 2.

Additionally, with the support of the University of Oklahoma, GBTech, and ConocoPhillips, the Company expects to deliver NASA-spec material at the end of this phase 2 project.

The Company will focus on near-term specialty applications for carbon nanotubes. These include structural and conducting composites, fuel cells, microelectronic devices, and flat-panel displays. The aforementioned products will drive demand, resulting in demonstrable near-term revenue.

SWeNT is currently working with ~10 Fortune 500 companies on various application development programs. In July 2003, after only six months in operation, the Company began making commercial sales. This was partially a result of NASA's phase 1 funding to SWeNT, and provides validation that NASA dollars were spent wisely. At the start of Phase 1, the Company is pleased to announce that it received an investment and partnership from ConocoPhillips.

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