NASA SBIR 02-1 Solicitation


PROPOSAL NUMBER:02- E3.04-7675 (For NASA Use Only - Chron: 024324 )
SUBTOPIC TITLE: Geospatial Data Analysis Processing and Visualization Technologies
PROPOSAL TITLE: BasinTools Module 1, Online Remote Sensing Interface

SMALL BUSINESS CONCERN (Firm Name, Mail Address, City/State/Zip, Phone)
NVision Solutions Inc.
Suite 146J, Bldg 1103, SSC
Stennis Space Center , MS   39529 - 6000
(228 ) 688 - 3951

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR/PROJECT MANAGER (Name, E-mail, Mail Address, City/State/Zip, Phone)
Socorro Harvey
Suite 146J, Bldg 1103, SSC
STennis , MS   39529 - 6000
(228 ) 688 - 3951

BasinTools is designed to facilitate the use of remotely sensed data by users who are not remote sensing specialist. Information from remotely sensed data would be used by a wide variety of engineers, planners, and scientist except they lack the expertise, sophisticated software, or high-end hardware to make use of the data. Federal, State, and Local Governments all have need of information derived from remotely sensed data, yet when faced with the overwhelming cost of implementation they invariably opt for more affordable, less accurate alternatives.

The proposed study prototypes the implementation of a Web-based application that is user friendly, affordable, and accurate. The prototype will provide ?canned? push button analysis of imagery a user is viewing through the Web portal and viewing results of the analyses on the fly through the custom online viewing tools. This Web based approach limits the amount of requisite user expertise, software, hardware, and computing power necessary to perform these analyses. Commercial manufacturers have employed the use of just-in-time inventory control for decades, this innovation applies the same cost saving logic to remotely sensed data; products are created and delivered on the fly with no human intervention via the Web

There are three areas where this prototype may have immediate impact on markets: Education; Commercial data vendors; and Application Services (precision ag, facility management, forestry). Academia won?t need expensive computer labs or sophisticated software to teach remote sensing. Commercial data vendors will allow per kilometer sales with no minimum order using automated subsetting and data delivery systems. Custom products will be created and delivered in real time. This system will enable profitable application services to fully mature, Precision Ag in stands to advance substantially, where the time between data acquisition and delivery of personalized products is reduced or eliminated entirely.

The prototype application will allow NASA to post remotely sensed data to a Web site in real or near-real time and have that data available to users in the NASA scientific community instantly. NASA will realize the following benefits: Real-time or near-real time data availability; Store once - share enterprise level (mitigates cost of storing data on local machines); Automated- controlled distribution of data sets; Reduces the number of remote sensing software licenses required (enterprise wide); Resolves many data licensure issues by distributing only derivative products

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